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Sarah is a real cheerleader. Her energy and genuine enthusiasm is what make her support and guidance so precious.

Working with her gave me inspiration and drive to get some high vibes on, manifesting a life that inspires me to help people every day.

Fab Giovanetti –Business Mentor + Health Coach – Sassy & Healthy



Sarah gave me confidence and empowerment in my own abilities, alongside nutritional and supplement advice that helped me manage my health & endometriosis with noticeably less pain or symptoms.

Rebecca Holmes


I started working with Sarah due to my health issues, bloating, trouble sleeping, food intolerances, and weight issues. I also really wanted to reach my goals, to have more energy and become happier and healthier.

I have made incredible changes that I never thought were possible. With her guidance, I have become much more self-aware, discovered how beneficial yoga and meditation are for overall health. I am sleeping better and I have even changed my career path towards something I am truly passionate about.

Initially, all I was focused on was finding the ‘perfect diet’ for fat loss and better health. Sarah has shown me that food is just one aspect to becoming healthier and happier, and she is just incredible.

I would not be where I am without her and I am really, truly grateful to have her guidance on my path to wellbeing.

Siobhan McManus – Holistic Health Coach – The Pursuit Of Healthiness



I highly recommend working with Sarah if you are trying to lose weight or make any kind of positive change with your health and nutrition. Her gentle, nurturing approach allows you to face your fears and create new lifestyle habits without guilt or blame.

I left the coaching sessions feeling more confident and empowered in taking charge of my health and food choices. 

I was impressed with the amount of advice I was given during the coaching session and sent after. If you want to let go of sugar cravings, processed foods and learn how to create exciting, super healthy meals then Sarah will show you the way.

Debbie Jordan-Mills – Spiritual Teacher 




I’ve always been interested in diet and nutrition but with two young children and a busy job, it’s taken a backseat, as I’ve never felt I’ve had the time to focus on my general health and wellbeing. Working with Sarah has been great.

She’s made me realise that I need to make time for myself and has helped me wade through the tonnes of information out there to come up with workable solutions to get me living a happier and healthier lifestyle.  

She’s one of life’s ‘sparkly people’, passionate about what she does and a veritable mine of information.

I’m incredibly grateful I got to do health coaching with her as I truly feel it’s laid the foundations for the new me.

Jane Delaney



Sarah has been motivational, inspirational and exactly what I needed in my life at the point that I met her.

Her nutritional knowledge and holistic life experience is extensive & impressive and she willingly shares all of that with you. Through Sarah I have realised that to be more positive and healthy, I needed to attract more positive people into my life. I needed to love myself more and realise that self love and care are vital for all of us, so that we can give it back to others. 

She has taught me through nutrition, yoga, meditation and green juicing, that the more you love and respect yourself, the more others will respect you and the more amazing and braver your life becomes.

Eillien Gallagher – Hot Pod Yoga Teacher.



Sarah is a wonderful example of truly walking her talk. Her health hasn’t always been good but she never gave up trying to find the answers to what was going on.

I find her a shining light in this world and I adore her passion and genuine desire to help others. This girl really knows her stuff!

Anna Victoria RodgersAuthor, Blogger + Natural Health Campaigner  – Miss Eco Glam


thumbnail copy

I’m so grateful that I met Sarah. She is probably one of the people who has changed my life the most in these past years.

Without her I wouldn’t of started eating healthily and changed my lifestyle as much as I have!

Nathalie Talka Rychetnik


Sarah is hands down one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met. Being someone that hasn’t always taken care of my body, it was difficult to find someone to work with that made me feel comfortable, empowered, and accepted.

Sarah not only understands and supports her clients, but she creates an atmosphere of inspiration that makes you excited and dedicated to the amazing changes she introduces into your life.

Working with Sarah is not like any other attempt you’ve made to change your health.

It is a reformation of your mind, body, and spirit.

If you’re looking to be healthier or to change your life, Sarah would be my first stop on that journey.

She will give you the foundation you need to revolutionize your health and give you a solid foundation for lifetime wellness.

Polly Anna – Writer. Author + publisher. Positive Polly Anna



Sarah is fun, friendly and kind. She gives off positive vibes and you always feel at ease around her.

Its very clear she is very passionate about what she does, and she’s the kind of person, that if you ever have any stress or trouble, she’s there to help guide you- the kind of person that will always make time for you.

The sessions I’ve had have always been great & very motivational. I was 100% motivated to go and do the things I had wanted to do for ages and I’ve never looked back!

Regan Gardner – Singer + Song Writer – Ryker Sear



Sarah is a passionate, caring, thoughtful and inspiring lady. Who brings brightness into people’s days in everything she does.

Lucky you – to have found her!

Savannah AlaliaSparkling Habit Strategist 



In a world where we are bombarded with information, it’s sometimes hard to figure out what to do and what not to do, especially in the realm of health. Rather than study more, look at those people who radiate health and are shining examples of what is possible.

Sarah is one of those unique beings who not only knows what she’s talking about, but actually walks her talk and radiates health, wellness and beauty!

Mike Nash. Author Of Aggressive Health – Aggressive Health



I am so blessed to have connected with the lovely Sarah. What a beautiful and caring soul. I admire her for helping others through their issues and inspiring them to live the life they have always dreamed of.

Sarah inspires me everyday with her positive and beautiful energy, which she projects out into the world.

I love chatting with Sarah, she’s a real go getter and life lover. If you cross paths with Sarah, you are are super dooper lucky! We need more Sarah’s in the world to bring light to those who are suffering.

Jazzy Matthews – Holistic Lifestyle Advisor – Natural Earth Mumma



I challenge anyone to catch Sarah on a down day!

Sarah’s energy, passion and drive are just incredible. A very open-minded individual, Sarah’s values, knowledge, lifestyle, and philosophies are the art of living healthy.

I have known Sarah for a few years now and her experiences of being healthy, the way she talks the walk, and walks the talk are a true inspiration and testament to her glowing character.

The perfect example of everything that she preaches in such a positive, fun and enjoyable way!

Chris Simms – Owner & Founder – King Of The Raw


Chris simms


I was relatively confident about making healthy lifestyle choices yet I was feeling stuck and felt in need of some assistance.

Sarah has a gentle and encouraging approach and I knew she would be the ideal person to help me move forward and fully connect with my body in a holistic way.

I found Sarah to be a kind, warm and sensitive listener; she worked with me to implement a number of key changes, which were easy to understand and implement despite some of the challenges I threw in the way.

I benefitted hugely from Sarah’s guidance and support and now have a greater sense of awareness of my emotional state, am fully grounded through my body and living life with intention and gratitude.

Alex Clark – Relaxation + Wellbeing Practitioner – Barefoot Bliss

I have very much enjoyed working with Sarah over the past years and have felt very positive with regards to workshops I have done with her. I have felt her knowledge and experience with helping people move into a much more healthy and clean lifestyle comes from such a deep passion to make people truly transform their life.

From the Group Coaching Sugar Detox . I learned how to notice sugar cravings as something more than just that, and retrain myself to make more healthy choices, while still satisfying the pleasure centre, just with more closeness and respect to my overall self.

I also made it through the 5 Day Guided Juice Cleanse and it made me feel so much more connected to myself both in body and soul.

As a steadfast foodie who felt already pretty in tune with my body, I still felt that it markedly changed my relationship to food, not to mention how to feel much closer and listen to my body.

I now feel lighter and more at ease with my emotional self as well, which was the most unexpected part.

I had some very poignant moments of clarity which helped me clear some blockages I was not even aware I had, what a bonus that was!

Thank you SO much Sarah for the motivation and guidance to push through and make such positive change that is actually easy enough to integrate into daily life !

Robin Triskele –  Foraging. Wild Edibles. Fermentation Coach – The Culinary Sage




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