Discover Your Inner Peace

You Are Peaceful

De-stress + Connect

 Feel happy for no reason!

 Experience Inner Peace.


Your body is crying out for some relief from the daily stressful grind.

You have a busy job, busy lifestyle and you are feeling exhausted.

You are feeling frazzled, tired, overwhelmed and basically really stressed out!

The little things are starting to feel so BIG and you can’t take much more of living like this.


 You’re desperately craving some inner peace!


Imagine having the tools to bring peace into your day on a daily basis. Building new pathways in the brain that will have you feeling happier, calmer and much more at peace.


Yes it is possible. I’ll show you how.


The Inner Peace Program:

Each inner peace session is about bringing you back to a place where you can start feeling relaxed again, where you feel grounded and balanced. A place to breathe, feel supported and safe.

A place where you can look at life, and deal with things in a different way, and its easy because you will have a new perspective and your initial reaction will be peace + calm.


 What’s Included:

  • 4 x 60 minutes Skype calls – weekly or fortnightly sessions
  • Worksheets to follow after each session
  • Email support between sessions and throughout the program.


 What we will cover:

  •  How to meditate effortlessly
  • How to support your body through stressful times, nutrition + supplements
  • Yogic breathing
  • Gratitude + self love
  • Love over fear teachings
  • Learn how to rebuild your adrenals (this is magic for creating peace and calm in your body and mind)
  • Reading recommendations
  • Worksheets and much more!


You Are Peaceful  – 4 sessions

£279 (approx. $403 USD, $525 AUD)

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Book Your Discovery Session with me:

You: This sounds like just what I need! I’d like to work with you, but would like to connect with you first, have a chat and know more.

Me: I can’t wait to connect with you! I can offer you a free 20 minute consultation with me over Skype. Lets find out what would be best for you and you can ask any questions you may have.

 Book Your Free Connect Consultation Below:

Let’s Chat 


Certified Nutrition Health Coach  +  Mind, Body, Soul Lifestyle Coach.

Reiki Master + Soul Realignment Practitioner.

Helping you create true health & happiness. Create an authentic beautiful life you love.


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