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My health & lifestyle coaching & mind body soul teaching is held in a loving space that is totally safe, full of compassion and absolutely a no judgment zone. I’m here to guide, support you to reach your highest potential. My love of coaching is to help create balance within all areas of life. I will be your light.

My coaching style is big hearted, gentle & soft but powerful with real, true results. I bring my true authentic self to every session, to guide and support you all the way with some added calming & peaceful energy thrown in as well.

I’m known as a soul cheerleader, as I have your highest potential in mind at all times, I am here to get you where you want to go, to motivate you, to cheer you on, to inspire you.

To wherever it is your inner voice & soul is calling you to.

This could be a healthier & vibrant body, a happier & more balanced mind, or a connected & fulfilled spirit.

I work intuitively, I work with my feelings and I have a knack of seeing your highest potential and the best path for you to take. However I will only ever guide & suggest, I don’t tell you what to do. My style is all about empowering you to go out there and rock your own life! I teach you the tools of transformation that you can use forever.

Self-empowerment to the people!

We work together, you + me.

I: will bring, hope, meaning and purpose into every second and because everyone is unique, my coaching is tailored to you.

You: are there to be ready and open to truly do the work, to dive deep and I ask for truth, honesty and total willingness to be open to new things and recommendations.

I’m all about the journey, the self-discovery, and the transformation that happens when we truly feel connected to ourselves – MIND, BODY & SOUL.

I have over 10 years of mastered knowledge on health, happiness & soul healing to share with you, not to mention a big passion for inner transformation & creating a limitless life.

You’ll leave my sessions with a little homework, lots of focus & another big step in the direction of your highest potential.

Feeling much more connected, lit up & excited for what’s to come!

 “I don’t believe in coincidences”

If this is you ?

+ you feel like you are here for a reason.


Then not only are we going to get on just perfectly, take a look below to find out more on my coaching programs.


Choose Your Beautiful 1:1 Coaching Journey:



Lets chat about your goals for health + happiness. 

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(I’ll send you  little questionnaire to fill in before our chat, we will talk about your health history, diet, dreams and desires you have and even concerns and fears that may be holding you back from living a limitless life you love.)


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Love  Sarah xx

(Your Mind Body Soul Cheerleader)


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