. Connect – Align – Flow . Ebook


Connect – Align – Flow

 Learn how to Connect, Align + Flow with the moon and your own feminine wisdom


– You can use the moon’s energies to release emotions that are no longer serving you – leaving you feeling clear, open and amazing!

– You can tap into the abundance of the moon energy and use it to YOUR advantage.

– It’s about about magic abundance and joy – manifesting your dreams + desires.



full moon ritual

The monthly lunar cycle gives us the perfect opportunity to let go of what is no longer serving us and supports us with vital energy in moving forward, setting intentions and receiving our truest heart + soul desires.

The moon represents the feminine energy and has a profound effect on our bodies and minds. The moon’s energy is all about creativity, emotions + nurturing our selves. Our souls. Creating JOY in our life.

There are many cycles of the moon : new moon, waxing moon, full moon, waning moon and the dark moon.

Moon cycles

This e-book focuses on the whole moon cycle – a time to release + receive abundance, and how to tap into the magic and use it to your benefit! 


– I share my own personal Moon rituals that I use myself and with my clients to release, let go + manifest a beautiful life.

– I share with you how to have your own sacred moon ritual at home, or even share this powerful moon energy with friends and your tribe. You can even hold your own full moon ritual/party, with healthy snacks and make a fun night of it.

With this eBook you Learn how to Release + Receive using the moon’s supportive energies

– A moon ritual is an inner transformational experience.

– Stepping out of the old and becoming your most highest empowered self.

Letting go of an old way of being, a old identity, old attitude, relationship, patterns, anything you are ready to let go of, that are holding you back.

– Stepping into flow


moon manifest 1

Your Moon Power – Manifestation eBook includes:

  • Learn all about the magic of the moon, the why’s + how’s!
  • The 8 phase’s of the moon and how to align to them and start manifesting.
  • How to create a sacred space for manifestation
  • A full moon lunar calendar for the whole of 2015
  • A step by step Full Moon releasing ritual
  • A step by step New Moon receiving ritual
  • Learn how to cleanse your energy and your surroundings + bring in manifesting energy.
  • Learn how to set your intentions with the different moon cycles for manifestation.
  • A moon meditation
  • Tips on holding your own goddess moon circle for soul sisters
  • Moon manifesting affirmations and more!

Nurture. Connect to your Power. thrive.

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Take a peek inside:

(Pssst here is a little sneak peek inside the 20 page eBook.)

moon manifest 1moon manifest 4
full moon contents pagelunar calender

what youll need page


6 thoughts on “. Connect – Align – Flow . Ebook

    • Hooked on High Vibes says:

      Thanks Liz! I am really passionate about sharing how to use the energy the moon gives us to flow and create magic 🙂 I’d love you to join us in the Moon Magic Manifestation Tribe 🙂 xx

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