eBooks + Online Programs


I’m thrilled to be able to offer you online group coaching programs + eBooks. Sharing my passion of Mind, Body + Soul Balance.

I love that I can offer a service to those  where 1-1 health coaching doesn’t fit with your lifestyle, whether down to time, finance or the fact that you just prefer group work.


With my online programs + eBooks you can stay in the warmth + comfort of your own space.


  • Be part of a private Facebook group that is only for fellow cleansers on the same program and I’ll be in there too supporting you all the way and answering questions.


  • Every online body, mind + soul programs are accessible for all, and for all levels.


  • My online programs will guide you step by step all the way, with the added fun of support of others that are doing it with you.


  • My eBooks share all of the Mind, Body + Soul lifestyle I teach to my 1:1 clients, but just without the 1:1 constant support of myself. I’ve broken up all of these lessons into different eBooks for you to choose from and that you are drawn to at any particular time.


If you have any questions contact me at 


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