Beautiful Beings Interviews


Beautiful Beings is a  feature that I will be posting every week. I was inspired to share with you the beautiful people who I have connected with and inspire me on this journey called life.

I believe health, wellness and happiness are very different for everyone, and are made up of many things. We are all so unique and this is a very important part of my health coaching,

Everyone has a unique talent, gifts, messages to offer the world and to spread love and light to others on their path.  We are all here to help, guide and to support each other. I believe connection with others being my number one!

Carly Morgan – Culinary Karma

Debbie Jordan-Mills – Conscious You

Sammy Gatehouse – Samantha Valentine Belly Dance

Anna Louise – Arbonne

Positive Polly Anna

Amanda Flaker – The Chakra Centre

Alex Everitt – Everfitt

Rande Moss – The Vegetable Centric Kitchen

Regan Vincenza – Ryker Sear

Holly Stevens – Lead Creative

Anna Rodgers – Miss Eco Glam

Savannah Alalia – Human Food 101


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