You’re here and you’re ready.

Ready for more.

more ease, joy + flow in your life.



To start creating your beautiful life –

ONe that feels good in every way!



Hi and welcome gorgeous unique soul. It’s so lovely to have you here.


I’m Sarah , a Certified Nutrition + Mind, Body + Soul Coach. I’m also a Reiki Master + Spiritual Mentor. I guide and support women to experience more joy, balance and magic in their lives.


“I believe in a mind, body and soul lifestyle to true health and happiness”


I believe that everyone is unique and beautiful, and that every women deserves to create a beautiful life, one that they love and that feels true to them, one that flows with ease. 


Is this you?

Are you experiencing life the way you want to?


– Do you want to glow from the inside out? Shining with happiness + true health.

– You wish to feel vibrant and balanced in all ways in your life?

– You want to experience more magic – the kind that makes life much more fun,  the kind that gives you direction and clarity in your life.

– Do you wish to feel more confidence and self-love for yourself and your body?

– You crave calm, peace and contentment in your busy mind.

– You are feeling a little lost in life and in need of guidance – to your true self and that spark that lights you up?

I  believe that every choice you’ve made, every experience and challenge has led you to where you are today. 

They all have a purpose.  I know because I’ve been there too. 

It’s so good you are here as I believe the universe has directed you to just the right place.


This is my little home where I get to share all of my favourite things!


Beauty, Joy. Balance + Magic.

 This is my secret recipe to true happiness.


I know because I haven’t always felt the way I do now. I’ve had quite a ride to happiness. I used to really struggle with life, I felt miserable most of the time not fully alive

I experienced a lot of challenges with my health from my late teens to my mid twenties – acne, rosacea, endometriosis, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, auto immune and digestive problems. ( Wow that’s quite a list ) I am very grateful to say that this all changed when I found a mind, body + soul lifestyle and started implementing this into my daily life.

This was just over 10 years ago and what an amazing time of self discovery and deep learning about myself it has been. Healing my body + mind, and now living a much happier life. Freedom from controlling diets and restrictive  food patterns,  free from worrying about my skin problems and free from the depressive and recurring negative thoughts.


Now I’m here. Here to share every valuable thing that I’ve learnt on my journey and help you. To share the things that truly create happiness – and its so much more than having that amazing body (although I can help you with that too) Its more than that rigid gym routine, its more than all of the outer things! It’s about true health, feeling your best and looking after yourself mind, body + soul. Creating balance in every area of your life.

One does not work with out the other. I know. I’ve got that t-shirt! ( and many more)

You can have a beautiful life that flows with ease,  where your relationship with food is balanced and healthy, your skin glows, your thoughts are positive, happy, joyful, and your mind calm, peaceful and clear.

You know yourself and what makes you feel good, what works for you,  you feel confident and on the right path.

You understand you are unique + powerful. 

You don’t have to follow any rigid rules. No rule books. Just pure freedom. 

You feel full of life.  Alive. You are fully living!


I believe in you and what you are looking for is already there, waiting for you.

 I’m here to help you connect to it & support you.

Life is beautiful when you know how.

Let me show you.

A little bit more about me:

My friends and family call me Sarie.

I’m a Virgo, an earth sign. A modern-day healthy, happy  hippy.

I carry crystals in my pockets and sometimes my bra. (It’s true)

I love fashion, style, interior design, and all things natural skin care.

I’ve always loved beautiful things.

Beauty to me can mean lots of things – a smile, a infectious laugh, a comforting hug, a tidy clutter free room, am organised desk with blooming flowers, new stationary and candles (I think my virgo side is showing now) . A beautiful view, one that just takes your breath away. Beauty is really everywhere, even more so in imperfection + vulnerability.

I’m a self-confessed perfectionist in rehab.

I’ve always been a soul seeker and I live to learn more about myself.

I’m a sensitive soul, an empath, an out and proud introvert light worker with a very healthy obsession for the high vibes in life.

A lover of yoga, movement, dance, journalling and deep soulful conversations.

I’m a reiki master and lover of all things energy healing. I can feel energy, I know when it’s blocked and when it’s flowing.  I love chakra’s!


 Find out more about my journey here:



Next steps:

Lets Chat – Free 15 Minute session to share your health + happiness desires with me.

Work With Me – Experience powerful transformational 1:1 sessions with me. Health + Healing. Heart + Soul. Energy + Flow. Tailored uniquely to your mind, body & soul.

Lets create your beautiful life!



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