Why I’ve been So Quiet Lately

new beginnnings

New Beginning’s

Its time to write the blog post that I have been contemplating writing for the last 2 weeks. It means opening up, being vulnerable and truly authentic.

All the things I believe in and encourage others to do. So here it is!

If you follow me on social media, or follow my blog posts and newsletter you may have noticed it’s all gone a little quiet my end lately..  even on my favourite social media, Instagram (shock horror! yes shocked me too! )

I guess the way to describe it is I’m in the middle of my own transformation, awakening, however you want to look at it.. and I’ve needed to take some time for myself, to work on the things that are important to me, and also work out what is important to me.

Stepping back from everything and accessing whats working and what isn’t.. re-evaluating my life.

I’ve been very “busy” this year, working on my new website, and pushing myself out of my comfort zone everyday to get things done. I thought I was dealing with it all rather well.. however looking back now (hindsight is a funny thing) my stress levels were going up and up, I was feeling fatigued, and I was dealing with much more anxiety on a daily basis than I ever had before. I became stuck in the ‘should’s’, and my do to do list and I just wasn’t taking enough time for ME.

As I’ve said before if you don’t stop, your body will make you, and that’s what’s happened to me.

The universe has a very powerful way of getting you back on course if your stray.. and if you ignore the signs for too long, it can be quite a wake up call.

I have experienced a burn out of sorts..  my nervous system that has been stressed and not loved as well as it should have been for the last 9 months or more..  has said enough is enough.


Sometimes you can work so hard towards a goal.. that it takes over.. and my life had become put on hold for my work and projects. Ideally not what I was working towards at all – as my core desire is a freedom lifestyle. So ironic huh!

I am now in the process of working out how to combine the both – my life and work, to live a lifestyle that works well for me, my nervous system, my hormonal system – my WHOLE body!

Have you heard of adrenal fatigue ? also known as a health crash.

Yes me too! and I know a lot about it, which is helpful, as I know I can recover fast with the knowledge I have. I am now on my own mission to restore my body and mind, to help my energy levels flow again and to get myself rooted in a strong body and mind again.

Here are a few things I’m doing to restore my nervous system +  my adrenals:

Stepping back from social media for a while, the reason being is it’s a busy, noisy world on social media. Yes full of beautiful and inspiring things, but also this can be overwhelming at times especially on our own energy systems, being bombarded by information and noise from every side. So whilst I collect my thoughts, and connect to my own energy, I’m shutting out the rest for a while too.

Spending less time on my laptop and my phone. I know that being exposed to too many EMF’s and radiation has a big effect on our own energy, and particularly our nervous systems. Always checking our phone can become a addiction, and take us away from the world around us, and the people in front of us.  It’s actually becoming an epidemic I believe and a reason so many people are feeling overwhelmed!  We start doing a hundred things at once, replying to text’s, emails, checking our phone again, checking emails again, it’s a vicious cycle, and one that I believe can cause more stress, anxiety affects our adrenal health.

I’m unplugging from anything that brings me stress and overwhelm.

It should be part of our daily practise to prioritise self-care. I’m stepping up my game!

My self-care adrenal healing practise:

– I’m doing daily Reiki healing on myself to clear any energy blockages.

– 20 minutes of meditation every morning.

– Journalling any anxiety and stress onto paper in the mornings.. or as needed throughout the day.

– Listening to positive affirmations by Louise Hay.

– Connecting to my body through gentle yoga and stretching. No strenuous exercise. Listening to my body closely.

– Connecting to the grounding, safe and supportive energy of mother earth every day – daily walks, barefeet on grass, breathing in fresh air.

– Taking deep belly breathes as much as I can. Making a habit of creating deep, proper breathing to relax the nervous system.

– Supplementing with magnesium and b vitamins – great for stress levels!

– Getting lab tests on the levels of my adrenals and neuro transmitters – so I can address any imbalances clearly and effectively.

– Avoiding gluten, grains, stimulants – helps anxiety levels. Fixing the gut which is very much linked to our adrenal health, hormones and neurotransmitters.

– Balancing my “Jing” kidney energy – which is linked to adrenals and energy levels.

– Doing lots of mindfulness exercises – colouring in my mandala’s colouring book, reading a book, walking.

Most of all focusing on being in the PRESENT MOMENT as much as possible.

I hope this information helps any of you that have been struggling with stress, overwhelm or anxiety and inspires you to take action before a bigger wake up call happens.

Self care everyday.

Take time for you and don’t ignore that stress, especially if it is building!  Release it by not pushing through and by taking time to address it and put in place a plan.

Believe me it truly is important. Keep discovering more of yourself in the process.

Love  Sarah xx

Body + Soul  Coach for Balanced Babes.

(Bringing peace to the mind,  nourishment to the body + connection to the soul!)

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