Are you listening to your body?


.Your Body Loves You.

I had an ambulance ride to hospital earlier this week after a very bad reaction to a strong coffee. I had heart palpitations and the amount of adrenaline the caffeine released into my body brought on recurring panic attack symptoms.

It was scary but I believe it happened for a reason.

Our bodies are remarkable. They are always communicating with us, letting us know if what we are doing is supporting them or not.

I have to admit though.. it’s not always easy to follow the messages of our bodies.. things can get in the way, the biggest one being US and our fears, doubts and excuses.

I have a confession – for the last 5 months or so I was getting messages from my body that it was not happy. These messages had been on and off. I knew what it was, in the back of my mind I could tell my adrenals were struggling.

However I had deadlines to meet, new branding to work on, a new website to create content for, a business to run, I had to be busy and so on.. these were all the excuses I gave myself  for ignoring the messages and turning to stimulants instead.

Bad move.

This is when my relationship with coffee started. I found that if I had a coffee in the morning – of course ‘bullet proof’ and made with coconut oil for a ‘healthy start’ that I would get sooo much more work done, and faster.

Deadlines were met much easier and I felt more creative!

You see coffee or any stimulant releases adrenaline into your system – which gives you a surge of energy. Adrenaline is the fight or flight hormone released by the adrenal glands after receiving a message from the brain that you are in a stressful position that you need to get out of. hence the surge of energy – to run away from the tiger that is chasing you! (Thats what our adrenaline was designed for)

However once on this cycle – I can understand why it can be hard to break. I started to rely on this false energy, this false motivation and at the beginning it felt good – productive even. But then in the mornings it became harder and harder to wake up – so I needed the coffee to get going, and the more stimulants I had, the more work my adrenals had to do, and then I got into a vicious cycle of exhausting and pushing my body with un natural energy just to get things done.

Now yes I should have known better…

However I also believe that things do happen for a reason, and I know that it happened so I can put all of my knowledge about adrenal health to very good use and share my adrenal health story with you and to help others too in the same position.

If you carry on pushing your body, somethings going to break!

Adrenal fatigue and exhaustion is so common now in this busy paced world we live in, it is actually behind many symptoms that a lot of people are struggling with.

When our adrenals are being majorly overworked we will start to feel :

  • anxious
  • overwhelm
  • fatigued
  • tired and wired
  • jittery nervous system
  • weight gain
  • headaches
  • lack of motivation
  • brain fog

and much more!

We are relying on stimulants to get through the day – even ‘healthy ones’, however these are still stimulants, and any stimulants on already tired adrenals is not good.

  • green tea
  • raw cacao
  • matcha

I had become addicted to ‘healthy’ stimulants to get me through times of pressure, stress and it became an unhealthy cycle that my body has shown me loud and clear has to stop!

My normal balanced energy had become this false energy, that only lasted for a while and then crashed, leaving me feeling drained, weak and stressed out. My nervous system felt whacked!

I’ve always been sensitive to caffeine.. and my body is very sensitive (which is a blessing as I get message’s quickly)  Some people will be more sensitive to stimulants and caffeine than others (you’ll be nodding if this is you) but I believe that any stimulants if taken every day or relied on,  will have a negative effect on wellbeing and vitality.

Stimulants drain us of our vital energy.

The valuable lesson here is to build ourselves up from a strong foundation, to build our own real energy back up.

To nourish ourselves, be gentle, lots of self-love, listening carefully to each little message our bodies give us.

Health is our wealth.

When stressed the worst thing to do is to turn to stimulants.. instead try one of these:

  • daily walks in nature
  • meditating
  • light exercise – yoga, stretching,
  • hot baths
  • magnesium supplement
  • b vitamins
  • barefoot on the earth

Respecting our bodies is crucial – catching the littles messages makes a big difference. If not, eventually your body will give you a BIG message that you won’t be able to ignore!

Creating real, stable, core strength energy is what we are ideally looking for to create true vibrancy.  This comes from really looking after ourselves, our adrenals, our hormones, our nervous system – by slowing down, reducing or stopping stimulants altogether so we can connect to our real energy and be able to listen and work with our bodies in a loving way.

Love  Sarah xx

Body + Soul  Coach for Balanced Babes.

(Bringing peace to the mind,  nourishment to the body + connection to the soul!)

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