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I’ve been focusing on my solar plexus chakra for a couple of weeks now. I love the power of balancing chakra’s and how each chakra links to an aspect of our life.

My belief is once you have balanced all of your chakras – (energy points + centres) in the body, your life flows which much more ease and grace.

Today I’m going to share about the solar plexus, which is just one of the chakras.

It is located in the area of your stomach, your core. (Place your hands on your tummy to connect with it, take a few deep breath’s in and out.)

How does this area feel to you? Is it strong? or do you have trouble with your digestion, will power and sugar cravings..?

When this area is weak –

it can manifest as lack of willpower, drive and confidence,  and also show up as problems within the digestive system and sugar cravings.

When this area is strong –

you will feel confident, you will have the drive you need to follow your goals, dreams and desires. Your digestive system will be happier.

When I say weak and strong, what I mean is how much the energy flows in that area. Weak means there are blockages in the energy. Strong means the energy is free, flowing – balanced.

So how can we improve the energy flow from weak to strong in each chakra?

My favourite ways are to use energy healing such as Reiki, meditation and body work. Each chakra would have different specific exercises you can do.

As we are focusing on the solar plexus I will share with you my favourite ways to balance this chakra point:

The colour associated with the solar plexus is yellow. This means meditating on the colour yellow can help strengthen this point.

The sun is really healing for this chakra – summer time is perfect at balancing the solar plexus – your power point!

“Have you ever noticed that you feel more confident and driven in summer?”

The sun is really great at energizing this energy centre,  so will also help the digestion. Letting your bare tummy see the sun is great, so get sunbathing!

Because the solar plexus is our core, focusing on our posture is very important. How we carry ourselves – Is your core strong when you are standing, walking, sitting?

It should be. If not you need to focus on engaging your abs and core muscles – this will have a very beneficial effect on everything linked to the solar plexus. You will start to feel more confident in the world and like you can achieve anything!

Foods to nourish the solar plexus –

Avoiding access sugars and processed carbs really helps – as the solar plexus is linked to the pancreas.

Great foods to focus on are  lemons, sweet potato, squash and quinoa.

So there are a few of my top tips to connect and balance your solar plexus to help you stand tall in the world, reach your goals, your dreams and feel confident.

If you feel your solar plexus needs some love.. try out these tips and let me know how you get on. I’d love to hear from you.

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