How To Balance Your Emotions


It’s all in the GROUNDING!


My number one tip for finding a balance is focusing on grounding yourself.

I actually think I’m starting to sound like a broken record I go on about it so much  😉 however I can not stress how important it is to really work at keeping yourself grounded for the rest of life to fall into place.

To me balance and grounding kind of mean the same thing, they certainly bring us the same feeling I believe.


“When balanced we will truly thrive “


So why is grounding so important?

Its connects us to our foundation, our security, our safety. It symbolises our body, our home, our place in the world. Grounding represents all of these aspects of ourselves and the relationship that we have with life.

When lots of change is going on (as it is now if you are feeling the planetary shifts happening to our consciousness )  it is easy to become ungrounded and that is when we can start to feel anxious, fearful, depressed, overwhelmed. When our minds are basically running a million miles an hour and all of our energy is in our head – thinking and analysing everything.

When we feel like this – focusing on bringing this energy down from the head and into the rest of our body does us the world of good.

Bringing the energy down and into our roots, will bring your relief from a busy mind and the loop of fearful thinking.  Also that exhausted feeling that comes with overwhelm and being out of balance.

My favourite ways to ground our energy is:

– Get outside in nature

– Hug a tree

– Get your bare feet onto the earth, rock, grass, sand, sea..

– Take a deep breathe in and out.

– Taking a hot bath with your favourite essential oil.

– Laughing with friends.

– Avoiding  sugar, caffeine + alcohol – basically any stimulants will unground your energy.

– Focusing on grounding foods – carrots, sweet potato, parsnips,

– Drinking lots of water – this will help your energy flow better which is great for grounding

– Moving your body – yoga, running, dancing  (dancing is my favourite!)

– Focusing on strengthening your legs – your roots!


I highly recommend you try these and feel the difference in your energy, health and happiness when done regularly!

Wishing you a beautiful day. 

Sarah xx

p.s) I’d love to hear from you. Let me know what your experiences are with grounding? Do you have your own favourite grounding techniques? What makes you feel grounded ?

You can share them with me and Tribe here:

Love  Sarah xx

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2 thoughts on “How To Balance Your Emotions

  1. savannahalalia says:

    I love what you have shared here 🙂 I am cheering 😀 Bringing your body, mind, heart and soul together something I have found so important with any of the more ‘woowoo’ stuff which I also LOVE !! I’m inspired by your tips and would add I feel like our body is like our own personal planet earth that we are the stewards of and so caring for it with kindness and strength is a journey for each of us….an exciting and liberating one 😀 And I am right there with you on the dancing !! Today I have been bopping to this one 😀

    • Hooked on High Vibes says:

      Thank you lovely ! It certainly is a journey and I love that way of looking at it too – “our own planet earth!” So beautiful!

      p.s) love that song 😉

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