Don’t Panic – Its Just Mercury Retrograde!


When we hear Mercury Retrograde it can have us running in the opposite direction or preparing ourselves in the brace position..

“Oh god..  whats the next 3 weeks going to bring?”

I know i’ve been there too.

However this most recent mercury retrograde – I actually came out the other side feeling grounded, centred, and clear as crystal. My relationship with myself stronger than ever, my relationship with my fiancé stronger than ever, my outlook on my whole life stronger than ever.


This last Mercury Retrograde I felt was life changing!


Yep.. I didn’t know it was possible either.  I must admit all the other mercury retrogrades I’ve come flying out the other side, dusting myself off, feeling relieved its all over.

Not this time!

So I got thinking.. what had I done differently this time round.. ??

Here’s what I came up with:

  • I was in total surrender mode.
  • I was open.
  • I wasn’t resisting the slow energy or the stillness.
  • I was embracing the quietness.
  • I went for daily walks.
  • I listened to the information coming in.
  • I didn’t push myself.
  • I accepted it.
  • I was 100% willing to be guided.
  • I was reflective.
  • I was full of gratitude for each day – opening myself up to receiving.
  • I wasn’t attached to an outcome of a day.
  • I wasn’t too attached to my to do list.
  • I spent days just watching movies and ‘being’.
  • I was grounding my energy daily.

Yeah..  I know it can be easier said than done.. but I realise that is what happened.

I embraced it and it was magical!


So I’m ready for you next time Mercury Retrograde.

Actually I’m a little excited 😉

How did the mercury retrograde go for you?

Love  Sarah xx (Your Mind Body Soul Coach to a beautiful life) ***

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Panic – Its Just Mercury Retrograde!

  1. liz says:

    It sounds like Mercury Retrograde for me was very similar as it was for you. What an inspiring, grounding, centering, gathering time. And, ending it all with the summer solstice has been even more powerful. Here’s to embracing what comes next + leaping forward! Blessings to you! // Liz

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