Its Okay To Want People To Like You


Connection is KEY. I believe its very natural and healthy to want to connect with others and for it to FEEL good.

However if we are changing ourselves or our beliefs to make people like us, this is when it’s not okay. Not only will this send a message to ourselves that we are not enough to just be ourselves, or there is something we need to hide, it will also take us away from our own self-love and acceptance. Which I believe is one of the keys to our happiness.

I believe being ourselves in all situations is very important, it’s a huge act of self-love. By allowing ourselves to share our TRUE self is one of the most empowering things we can do.

Society has taught us that we must ‘fit in’ to be liked.. we must be the ‘same’ so when we start to step out of our closet with our full sparkly unique selves on show, it will make you feel out of your comfort zone. But it is so worth it!

The great thing is, when you start to make those steps, letting your unique self out (the person you were born as)  you WILL attract your ‘tribe’ you will attract into your life the people who totally ‘get’ you, that you feel totally safe with, the ones that you can open up to, let your light and dark side be seen, your vulnerabilities, your whole self. The ones that make you feel good to be YOU.

These are the connections you are craving – true, real connections.

This is where the magic starts to happen. Where you feel lit up from being around people, you feel energised, inspired, motivated and your love for yourself doubles just by being around them.

This is the magic that comes from being our TRUE SELF.

The more we change ourselves to fit in, the more we actually take ourselves further away from what we wanted and desired in the first place.

So – it’s not that we just want people to like us… It’s that we want people to SEE us, for who we truly are, and love us, accept us, and make us feel at HOME.

I know that on my own journey to discover my truth and letting myself be SEEN more and more, that stepping out of that comfort zone, out of the shadows and sharing my heart and soul is the best thing I ever did.

Letting yourself be seen is one of biggest acts of self-love you can do for yourself.

I want to share with you some tips on finding your tribe and being totally and uniquely YOU:

– Start to get clear on your own truth. Your desires. Your dreams. Who you are.

– Singing and dancing is a great way to tap into your throat chakra, helping you to be okay at expressing yourself. Speaking your truth in a loving way and standing up for what you believe in.

– Ask yourself what do you love to do? hobbies.. spare time etc.. ? Find some groups on-line and go and connect with like-minded souls. (Ignite Your Spark Tribe)

– Whats your style. I love fashion. I think it’s a great way to express ourselves. Go through your wardrobe and only keep the clothes that make you feel great!

– Start a blog, or write, paint, take photos, express yourself creatively that feels good to you and share it with the world.

– Follow your joy, all the things that make you happy, you will naturally find the people you are meant to, as we attract into our lives by the good vibrations we give out.

– Look into your eyes every morning in the mirror and say ” I Love You’ . When we love ourselves we can not help but be ourselves and find our tribe effortlessly.

Get out there and be YOU xx

So much love  Sarah xx

(Body + Soul Radiance Coach )

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