Using Crystals For Healing + Wellbeing


.Crystals 101.

I love crystals. I have a growing collection and if you ever come to my house.. you’ll find crystals in every room. I love the energy they bring and the way they work to balance and uplift the energy around you – by wearing them as jewellery, stashed in your bra.. or placed around your work space and living space.  I also use them in my reiki healing sessions with my clients too, as they are great at balancing the energy centres of the body (chakras).

So how do crystals work?

Crystals come from the earth, and they all give off energy. Each crystal is unique. They are also used in things like – radios, clocks, traffic lights and even space shuttles for the ability they have at giving off electrical impulses and being energy conductors.  Crystals generate, store, regulate, transmit and transform energy.

They are mainly formed from silicon and oxygen. When silicon and oxygen combine they form silicon dioxide – which is also know as quartz. The other elements that are present during the process are what create the many different varieties of crystals out there!

Most people are drawn to crystals for the beauty they bring us, and we will also be drawn to certain crystals for the energy they give off. Crystals can work to bring the body, emotions, mind and spirit into balance and harmony. A great way to support ourselves and assist any healing that is needed.

Crystals work at raising our own energy – raising our vibration! When you raise your vibration the world around you starts to change to match that vibration. They also help you tap into wisdom, self healing and your intuition.


How to use crystals:

  • Wear crystals, as a pendant, bracelet, earrings or rings.
  • Carry crystals in your pocket, bag or even in your bra if you don’t have any pockets!
  • Place crystals on your body, whilst laying down.
  • Placing crystals in your house – bringing positive, uplifting energy into each room
  • Place crystals under your pillow.
  • Put a crystal into your bath water, and relax.
  • Meditating with crystals .


How to choose a crystal:

I believe that you will be drawn to the right crystal, you will know which one is for you. A good way of checking is to hold a crystal and if you don’t want to let go of it.. the crystal is the one for you, as your body is telling you it needs the energy and frequency the crystal is giving out.

So using your intuition is aways the best way I believe.

or you can check out the guide below to help you decide on which property and quality a certain crystal brings, which is also a great way to start exploring  the benefits of crystals.


A Quick Crystal Guide:

*Increasing Intuitive and psychic gifts:

– Amethyst – calming. connection.

– Sodalite – understanding. inner vision.

– Clear Quartz – clarity. focus.

*Love + Relationships:

– Rose Quartz – gentle. unconditional love. soothing.

– Rhodochrosite – self love. balance. comfort.

*Happiness :

– Labradorite –  hope. cleansing. higher self.

*Calming the mind:

– Amethyst – inner peace. serenity

– Larimar – soothing. uplifting. flowing.

*Supporting study + learning:

– Fluorite – focus. soul purpose.

– Hematite – concentration. intuition. grounding.

*Creativity, work and new projects:

– Aventurine – confidence. prosperity. growth.

– Carnelian – motivation. creativity.

– Amazonite – opportunities. truth. expression.

* Travel 

– Jasper – grounding . protective.. nurturing.

– Mookaite – calming. flexible. wise.

– Aquamarine – courage. protective.

*Good Luck + Abundance:

– Citrine – energising. open. receiving.

– Jade – beginnings. prosperity.

*Fertility/ Reproductive system:

– Moonstone – moon cycle. creation. nurturing.

– Shiva Lingams – balance. creation.

*For Children:

– Rose quartz  –  love. gentle.

– Amethyst – soothing. harmonious.


– Black tourmaline – grounding. protective. cleansing.

– Fluorite – protects. aligns.

– Smoky quartz – clearing. releasing. grounding.

– Amethyst – cleansing. transforms. positive.


You can do so much more with crystals and I could write forever.. but I wanted to give you an easy overview in getting to know crystals and how to start introducing them into your life.

I hope you find this interesting and I’d love to hear about your own crystal experiences 🙂

Love + Light Sarah xx

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