Happiness Comes From Your Roots


The importance of grounding

I’ve been spending the last few weeks very focused on grounding myself and as I have I’ve been noticing really positive changes I wanted to share with you!

Grounding the body is so valuable to our health and happiness. Its becoming more and more apparent that in this fast, busy paced modern age, grounding is becoming a necessity for us to maintain balance in our lives.

Most of us spend a lot of time in our heads, planning our futures, remembering our past, and focusing on our to do lists and everything we need to get done that day.

Our energy is all up around our head, in our mind. Too much of this can lead us to feeling stressed, anxious, depressed and disconnected from life and ourselves.

If you feel like this I can highly recommend getting focused on grounding your energy into your body. For me this is something I have had to focus on and still do to keep myself balanced.

I’m in my head a lot – also known as a ‘dreamer’ ‘analyser’ ‘alchemist’ ‘healer’ and ‘creative’. Do you relate?

So what I do to keep this balanced is I make sure I add in grounding practices each day.

The more I focus on this, the more awesome and amazing I feel.

Grounding brings our energy back into our body, brings us out of our head and into our bodies, feeling rooted and centred.

That balanced feeling you want – yep comes from getting grounded.

Getting grounded brings us back into the present moment, so it helps calm our thoughts, and stops them from running away into the future or past, as this usually is when we become stressed, worried and fearful. Being present is where we experience peace.

So grounding ourself can also be seen as being present, living life, living in the moment.

When we are grounded in our root chakra, we will experience feeling safe in the world, in our life, we will experience trust and flow, our foundation will feel firm which will make you feel more confident. You will fee secure in your life, finances, home life, relationships. It’s that feeling of safety, that everything is okay, we are safe. I believe this is the chakra we really need to focus on balancing before we move up our bodies into creativity, love, expression, intuition, they are all built on the root chakra.

So here are a few little tips to getting grounded and balancing the root chakra:

– Going for a walk is very grounding, anything where we are using our legs will ground us.

– Any form of exercise that focus on strengthening the legs, our roots!

– Moving your body, going for a run.

– Doing yoga, especially postures that focus on strong roots, (legs + balance)

– Getting outside in nature, especially around trees is really grounding too.

– Gardening is a great way to feel grounded, as you are touch and connect with the earth.

– Eating root vegetables – carrots, sweet potato, beetroot + warming foods.

– Focusing on our breath and breathing deeply is very grounding, and brings us back into our bodies. It’s also very calming for the nervous system.

– Avoiding stimulants is also very helpful at bringing us into balance too, so avoiding coffee, sugar, caffeine, alcohol etc..

All of these things bring us out of doing mode (head space) into being mode ( present in the moment)

I believe this space is the place we can truly connect with our heart space – The place we will experience peace, contentment+ a sense that everything is just fine

When you experience being fully grounded and balanced it can fee like the following:

  • Absence of negative, limiting or fearful thoughts
  • A sense of relaxation and wellbeing
  • A feeling of lightness, light-hearted
  • A feeling of unconditional love and acceptance
  • Centered & totally connected to your self.

I hope you enjoy experimenting with getting grounded. Let me know how you get on and your experiences.

Love  Sarah xx (Your Mind Body Soul Coach to a beautiful life) ***

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4 thoughts on “Happiness Comes From Your Roots

  1. laurenemilyblog says:

    Thank you for this! I can so relate! Wonderful tips! I’m going to give these a try. I too can get stuck in my head – I find breath work to be ugly beneficial! After a yoga class, it’s the breath work that makes me feel amazing!

    • Hooked on High Vibes says:

      Hi Lauren, so glad you enjoyed the tips. Breathe work is amazing isn’t it, and the easiest one for us to use straight away as a wellness tool 🙂 So lovely to connect with you beautiful! xxx

  2. lauren says:

    Thank you for these awesome tips! I can relate to this and want to bring more of a grounding element into my everyday life – the coffee thing is a little sting! 🙂 I find breath work helps me more than anything. After a yoga class, it’s the breath work that makes me feel alive and at peace! Wonderful article 🙂

  3. A says:

    This is such a beautiful photo. Is it possible for me to use on an inspiration/Mood board? Enjoying reading through this article as a bonus after clicking on this image.

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