The 7 Pillars To Happiness


Balancing The Mind, Body + Soul

In the last couple of month’s I have been really focusing on my daily routine and how I can bring more balance into each moment. I’m sure as you know, life get’s busy, we can get carried away with work and other commitments and then suddenly after a while we find ourselves feeling out of balance – which can result in feeling tired, disconnected, and not so vibrant, wondering what the hell happened?

I know when I find myself in this place that my self-care has usually fallen off my priority list. It happens, we are human. However having the awareness of how important self-care truly is, is always key, and knowing you have the tools to get yourself back into balance again.

‘Balance’ to me means that ALL parts of our WHOLE being are being nurtured and nourished.

The Mind, Body + Soul.

In my own self care practise I have been stepping it up and really getting clear on which parts of myself need more attention for me to FEEL fulfilled for my true health and happiness.

To get clear on what I want, I meditate or do some journalling, which helps me connect within and hear the things that I truly want – not the should’s, or could’s, or what I think others want me to do.
When I’m quiet I ask myself what my true desires and needs are and how I can fulfil these on a daily basis.

This way I can make sure each day is a beautiful day, not just the weekends!

I wanted to share with you a way that is working really well for me, which consists of breaking it down into 7 pillars, covering mind, body and soul balance.

The 7 Pillars:

  • Meditation
  • Focus
  • Creativity
  • Movement/Physical
  • Connection
  • Play/Fun
  • Sleep

I write these 7 on my to do list and tick them off as I do them each day. I’m a virgo, so I love a good list!  These ‘to do’s’  I feel are even more important  than my chores or jobs to do!

Doing these 7 pillars actually make me MUCH more productive in the long run too.

So it is a win win.

Self love has to become our priority, I truly believe that when we feel good, we have more love to give others and the rest of our world flows much easier. Slowing down and stepping back into self care actually helps us get more done.. True story!

When you focus on these 7 pillars you are working on balancing your mind, body & soul daily, and this is such a valuable practise. It really does create healthy habits that will create so much more flow and ease in your life, not to mention more joy and beauty too.

So let’s look into how they can be added into your day:

Meditation: I usually meditate in the morning for 5 – 10 minutes as soon as I wake up. It doesn’t have to be 30 minutes or an hour, any time you take for yourself to sit quietly and just focus on your breath is beneficial. I also meditate some evenings too for 10 minutes, but not every day, usually only when I remember.. I find meditating in the morning is the best way for me, as I know I won’t get distracted or get carried away with other things and resist it later in the day.

Physical: This could be morning yoga, or a gym session, or a daily walk.. anything that gets your body moving. I go for a 30 minute morning walk before I start my working day and I find it so great for connecting me to my body, getting the blood pumping with more oxygen. Walking outside is very peaceful and calming and brings a lovely perspective of life.

Creativity: This can be anything that you enjoy. Such as drawing, painting, writing, music, dancing, anything that feels creative to YOU. To get lost in creativity connects us to our true selves and we can find out what truly brings us joy. Creativity helps us get lost in the moment, and being present is great for connecting us to true happiness. This is a great to do in the evening, maybe instead of watching television. You will feel such a difference in yourself from adding creativity into your daily routine.

Connection: Connecting with our loved ones, family and friends or even having  a conversation with a stranger brings us a sense of belonging. Connection is valuable for soul connection. Phone a friend, or go and meet a friend for a herbal tea. If you work from home, like I do, this one is so valuable for keeping you balanced. Making the effort to do this on a daily basis will bring so much more joy and laughter into your life.

Sleep: I do LOVE a good sleep, and a good sleep is vital for a healthy, happy mind & body!  I’m in bed by 10pm every night if I can, and this means I wake up naturally at 6:30am, with no alarm and can get out of bed easily. It also means I have the energy to do what I want in my day too, and focus on the other 6 pillars too. Sleep really is valuable to our health + happiness. I know for me if I go to bed late, I’m grumpy, groggy and very unproductive, not to mention getting the snack attacks!  Did you know that if you got to bed too late your body releases a hormone which makes you constantly hungry the next day, and nothing seems to be able to satisfy your appetite. Winding down for the night with a bath and a book around 9pm is a good way to start to get ready for a good nights sleep. It is really all about building a habit. Once you’ve been doing it for a week, it becomes routine.

Focus: This can be focusing on something that you are working on, like a blog post ( I’m focusing now ) or doing your accounts, (not that fun for some of us I know) or writing an essay, anything that you need to really focus on and get done. Practising this is actually very beneficial for our mind, plus you will find the more you meditate the easier you find it to focus. This helps us have a feeling of accomplishment, achievement and will help us to be more productive consistently. However this focus isn’t  the focus you may think of – like the pushing, striving, not getting anywhere focus..  like you are pushing and nothing is happening.. no this usually happens when you have neglected the other 6 pillars! THEN focus will seem hard, boring and yes out of balance.

Play: Laughing, letting yourself go, doing something you love, anything that nurtures your inner child and the adult in you too. This is the one most people need to remind themselves to do on a daily basis, we can caught up in the should’s, and sometimes feel guilty to take time to have fun and enjoy ourselves. However we are here to live life and enjoy it, so we must make this part of our day, everyday!

The 7 Pillar Challenge:  

Try writing these in your diary.. or on a post it note, somewhere you will see them daily. Write out what activities you can put under each pillar that would be fun for you and nourish your heart and soul. I’d love to hear how you get on, and I promise you if you do this consistently you will notice a huge difference with the balance, ease, flow and joy in your life. You can even post what you are doing on Instagram and join the challenge using #the7pillarchallenge hashtag.

Love  Sarah xx (Your Mind Body Soul Coach to a beautiful life) ***

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