Super Moon – New Moon – February 18th 2015

new moon intentions

Super Moon – New Moon – Black Moon

Time to really step into your amazingness


Its that time. Time for another super moon. Meaning energies are high, super powerful and ready and willing for us to tune in and use to create abundance and all that we desire right now!

This super moon holds the energy for a – BIG reset – bold moves -change – saying YES – adventure and a perfect opportunity to drop the old, and whatever we are aware of that is not serving us, holding us back. Do you know what this is for you?

Mine is my perfectionism, I’m so ready to release myself from it!

Its a time to step into our highest selves. Ask yourself what do you want to create in your life? How has the last 6 months been for you? What have you been creating? Are you happy with where you are going?

Its time to consider this. To keep going in the same direction if all is well or start to put out the intention to change course if thats what you know you need. What is it for you?

This super moon will bring with it heightened emotions and sensitivity. A great time to really tune into your intuition and ask these questions to yourself.

This is a time where you are fully supported to let go if you need to, of old childhood pain, hurts from the past, its a powerful time for deep healing of something that you have carried with you for far too long now.

Step into this power and use this super moon energy to come out even more alive and refreshed with your new intentions and desires set for 2015!

You could even create a new 2015 vision board, and update anything that doesn’t feel quite right anymore.. to create an even more sparkly abundant life!

Pinterest is great at creating a vision board of everything you wish to manifest and create in your life.

Mine is here, however I WILL be updating over this super moon, and also releasing and setting my intentions with my new moon ritual.

If you would like to know more on how to use the new moon’s energies to create abundance and manifest your desires in your life, I share how to do this in your own new moon  ritual – to let go of what you longer need you with my Moon Manifestation eBook.

Wishing you all a beautifully powerful super moon release + renew.

Keep me posted about how you get on, I always love to hear from you.

Lots of Love + Self Love

Sarah xx

(Nutrition Health + Lifestyle Coach to a beautiful life)


Sharing a modern day guide for the healthy, happy hippy.  A mind, body + soul lifestyle for true health + happiness. Creating a beautiful life.

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