Toxic World Toxic People – Book Review

toxic world

Toxic World – Toxic People

The essential guide to health, happiness, parenting + conscious living.


I feel really honoured to have the chance to review  my friend’s Anna Rodgers book  (also know as Miss Eco Glam).


Her recent book is called  Toxic World Toxic People. I know it may sound scary, but really it is a book full of information on how to empower yourself and your health.

Being a health coach and doing my own research over the last 12 years I have read a lot!  This being said, I was really impressed with how much information Anna covered in this book.

Some of the contents includes:

Toxins in beauty products, how to read labels and stay safe, creating a non toxic home, non toxic water, toxins in medicines + drugs, the importance of detoxing, the sun + health, nature + health, digestion linked to depression, healthy recipes, your thoughts and your health, vaccinations, children’s love language, safe skin care for children and still so much more!

This covers everything you need to know! I mean EVERYTHING. Anna really has covered it all. I love that it also includes nature and your mind+ thoughts. A real mind, body + soul approach.
I’ve known Anna for about 3 years now, she has always inspired me with her  big passion for sharing and educating people on what is ‘toxic’ in our world and how many hidden toxins there really are all a round us.
I highly recommend this book for parents too. She shares so much valuable information on how to protect your children, your loved ones, your family  from potential toxins. You will be surprised about where these toxins are hidden too. (Not to scare you, but it really is so empowering to be aware of)
I love that it also educates the link between depression, anxiety and healthy digestion. I am passionate about this link also as it was part of my healing journey with depression to heal my mind, gut link.
I’ve named this ‘the bible’ – if you are struggling with your health, depression, auto immune, skin issues, actually any symptom your body has.. you can  empower yourself with this book on which toxins you may be in contact with that are affecting you, and which next step to take.
I believe this really is a life changing book and a must read for all.
You can find a link here to the kindle version of the book.
You can also find more about Anna (Miss Eco Glam ) below:
Instagram – @missecoglam


Lots of Love + Self Love

Sarah xx

(Nutrition Health + Lifestyle Coach to a beautiful life)


Sharing a modern day guide for the healthy, happy hippy.  A mind, body + soul lifestyle for true health + happiness. Creating a beautiful life.

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