How To Survive Mercury Retrograde

mercury retrograde

Reflect. Reconnect. Renew


With the first 3 week period of mercury retrograde this year about to come to a close, I wanted to share a few things that I have learnt from this mercury retrograde and past ones.  A lot of people can dread mercury retrograde (myself included) as it really can put us in a place where we feel we are not in control, and not being in control brings up fear big time.

However i’ve found you can use the energies of mercury retrograde to your advantage, so you can gain the most from it.

What is mercury retrograde?

It’s all to do with the movements of the planets. The cosmos. The different planetary positioning affects us here on planet earth. When mercury goes retrograde it *looks like it is going backwards in the sky*, and because it is the planet of communication, travel, creativity and truth, all these things can feel like they are going “backwards” too.

*mercury is not actually going backwards, it just looks like it is because of its position between the sun and earth *


There are 3 mercury retrograde’s in 2015:

  • January 21st – February 11th
  • May 19th – June 11th
  • September 17th – October 9th

So what to expect when mercury retrograde hits.

Miscommunication.. Arguments. Conversations can get complicated and confusing. Your brain wanting to go on holiday. Computer says no, electrical equipment playing up. Travel delay’s, cancellations, your car not behaving.

However I’ve decided that we can approach mercury retrograde in a much more positive way and gaining a lot of growth, clarity and inspiration from this 3 week period.

It’s a perfect time to reconnect to ourselves, reflect on what we truly want or are creating in our lives, and coming out with a renewed upgraded outlook.

It’s also a great time to complete things you have been putting off, all those projects you have been avoiding. You may also even find people from your past popping up, maybe to complete unfinished business in some way or another. It’s a great time to get in touch with those you haven’t spoken to in agggges!


Its a good time to be gentle with yourself, lots of self-love, connect to your heart and soul and mostly to GO WITH THE FLOW. Relax into mercury retrograde and you will find great opportunities and a much more positive experience. Even maybe a time for renewed inspiration and passion to be reignited.

So with all of that lets run over a few of my top tips for a ‘enjoyable’ mercury retrograde:

  1. Pay attention to your communication, the words you use. Speak from the heart.
  2. Don’t take anything personally, practise allowing.
  3. Take time to finish projects, tie up loose ends, connect with old friends (if you want to)
  4. De-clutter your house. Make space for the new.
  5. Welcome in a time of closure, to heal old wounds and relationships.
  6. Take time reflect, revisit your desires and what you want from your future. Create a new vision board.
  7. Back up your computer, be prepared.
  8. Take things slowly, be gentle on yourself, practise daily self-love practises. Revitalise your spirit.
  9. Process what ever comes up, and moving through and forward by allowing and accepting this cleanse of mind, body + spirit.
  10. Be open to the messages from the universe, any paths that arise, new opportunities, be open, curious and take confident steps.


So how was your first mercury retrograde of 2015?

I’d love to know, and I hope this helps prepare you in the best way for the next one to come.


Much Love  Sarah


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