What I Learnt From 2014 – Reflections

reflections 2014What I Learnt from 2014 –

In Reflection

2014 was a whirlwind year for me, I can’t believe how fast it went, and all of the lessons, challenges, experience that came with it. I think lots of people had the same experience and theme with 2014 –  in simple terms – it made us face our sh*t. It made us step up, work through, cleanse, strip back, face up to, and go through and come out the other side – with our warrior face paint on and a lighter but stronger spirit.

Because it was such a BIG year emotionally for me, it’s taken me a few weeks to really reflect on it all and bring it together.

I believe in sharing our vulnerabilities with others, as this is what true connection is about, I believe in sharing truthfully and honestly as I believe we are ALL human and should embrace our beautiful imperfections, which means we are forever learning, growing and evolving. I also believe very much so in that we teach what we too need to learn.

2014 certainly had its up and downs, and I feel I have grown in leaps and bounds from going through these challenges head on, and feeling it ALL. Here I’ll share my lessons 🙂

Lesson 1 – Perfectionism is a sucker of productivity + joy 

My first full year of being self-employed and wow did I learn a lot. I learnt that my business brain, likes to get stuck in perfectionism mode. I learnt that this perfectionism didn’t really ever get me anywhere.. it usually kept me frozen, with what if’s and the could’s, and feeling totally overwhelmed. I was constantly trying to design the perfect website, trying to create the perfect something, trying to be the perfect coach, the perfect person etc. This left me feeling totally exhausted. Balance came with this lesson, I learnt to let go, take a step back, trust that good is totally good enough. annnnd that perfectionism does not actually exist so it is a vicious circle that will exhaust you till the end – if you don’t jump out and end the cycle.


Lesson 2 – Comparison makes you feel small, which YOU are NOT.

So with my perfectionism tendencies, I found myself comparing myself to others, what they were creating, what they looked like, how successful they were. Comparing and judging myself against people who I don’t even really know. I LOVE instragram buttt if you don’t catch that comparison bug it can leave you feeling small, not good enough and totally unworthy of your dreams! Yep. Luckily my lesson taught me that – No one is perfect, every one is going through their stuff. We are all here to teach what we need to learn, and you are your own guru! AND YOU and I ARE ENOUGH. Social media has it plus side for sure, however remember that what you are seeing of someones life is just a snippet, it’s a chosen moment they chose, just like we all do, its is not the whole truth or reality. We are ALL in this together – remember we are all unique and amazing.

Lesson 3 – Little steps win the race, and helps keep overwhelm at bay. 

I was so hard on myself last year, thinking I had to do it ALL and NOW. Woah – heading for burn out. On those days when I woke up and felt totally overwhelmed, I realised that it was just my own thoughts that were creating that feeling. It’s all based around fear, fear of things not working out fast enough, or how you want them to. It’s about CONTROL. I learnt to let go of control, let go of the attachment to an outcome, and let go of trying to do it all. Instead I started writing lists each day of my priorities, in work + play! I gave myself no more than 5 tasks a day, and wow was this freeing. I got more done, I was less overwhelmed and I felt organised and balanced. Small little steps each day, helped me feel like I was still on track towards my dreams and with a lot less fear + overwhelm to deal with.

Lesson 4 – Gratitude is the KEY. Its freakin amazing! 

Basically, when I focused on the things I didn’t like, it was like wading in mud, every day, dragging myself through the thick dense energy. Guess what, things didn’t really go my way when I was in that place. I didn’t really jump out of bed with excitement, everything felt like a chore and I felt like a victim. SO NOT Empowering! Instead I learnt to focus on all the things I HAD achieved, how FAR I had come and how LUCKY I was for so many things in my life. As I lay in bed,just before I went to sleep, I would run through the day and focus on everything that happened that I was grateful for. Now the energy each day that gratitude brings is what Life is all about. Its uplifting, high vibe and makes you feel like anything is possible. Because it is when you are grateful! This energy brings in more of the good stuff. It’s the energetic place that miracles are made!

Lesson 5 – Life is uncertain – that’s where the magic is.

You can not control life. When you try to it feels like you are pushing against a brick wall. Life is meant to flow, we are here to stand back and be ready for any opportunities that may arise – new people we may meet and to let the magic happen. When we try and control we block out this magic, especially if we try to stay rigid down one path. Remember as a child you would wake up with no attachment to the day, you just got up and experienced the day – which meant more joy, and wayyy more flow. This is the place I will be coming from this year. I’ll let it happen – life, I will still create and take action, but I will let the rest unfold – for this is to me where the magic is.

Lesson 6 – Meditation is a gold mine

5 – 10 minutes a day makes a whole BIG difference. A different in how my day flows, in how I feel, in how connected I am to my self, to my inner guide to MY CREATIVITY. When I don’t do it, it’s harder – fact. So I meditate!

Lesson 7 – Serving others lights me up like no other

When I feel tired or drained or even exhausted from life, and someone writes me an email, text or instagram message to let me know that they have had great results from a plan I wrote them, or they feel inspired by a post and its changed their day or even that i gave them hope in something and now they feel empowered. This lights me up, reboots my battery and makes me realise this is my purpose. Sharing a light and helping others connect to theirs too. This is why I am still HERE.

Lesson 8 – The fifth chakra was my challenge 

Oh little blue chakra, the throat chakra, the fifth chakra. You had me surrended and peeling back the layers all year. Encouraging me to step into my truth, my authenticity, my power, to speak up, get out there, totally own my voice, my words, my beliefs. Yes – powerful! I’m still here and still going and feeling stronger than ever in myself after working on my throat chakra, clearing blocks with crystals, reiki, affirmations, eft and more energetic healing modalities. A BIG one for me. I stepped up into what I am here to do, to own it and be it, unapologetically.

Lesson 9 – Ask and you WILL receive.

I spent many, many times, sitting on the floor before my mediation, feeling  desperate to know an answer, or obtain something, or just to have some clarity on a subject which I was feeling totally blank on or lost. I would sit there and ask “Hey universe, I really need some guidance here, can you give me guidance on this …. , I’m open, ready to receive, thank you, it is done” That’s how the convo usually went. Guess what, I would receive that guidance, I would receive a sign, I would have that ah ha clarity moment, I would have that moment where I would get clear on something in the space of 5 seconds. The guidance always came flooding in, if I asked, waited openly, patiently and connected with my inner guide. I use this method all the time now. You are not alone.

Lesson 10 – Give yourself a break, Play, have fun, LIVE. 

I worked my butt off and I didn’t play enough.. towards the end of the year this was very apparent. I was not practising my self-love as much as I should have been, I hadn’t been treating myself to things, or days out, or holidays or giving myself more time off from my whirling brain! By October, I said enough was enough, I did the inner child challenge for 30 days and that was great at getting me back into a good habit of playing more and finding my joy. I love what I do so I can get stuck “working” a lot, however I realise I needed more of a balance, like going for a walk, for a herbal teas with friends, Focusing on hobbies. Just GETTING OUT THERE in the world and experiencing it to the full. In November me and my girlfriend went to Australia for 3 weeks before Christmas, and this just lovely!  (I still have to blog about and share all of the holistic health + happiness we experienced whilst travelling)


How was 2014 for you?

I’d love it if you could share your ah ha’s and lessons with me.

Love  Sarah


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