Staying healthy in the skies



I’m off on my hol’s today, which I’m excited about, but I’m not going to lie the flying part can leave me feeling a bit drained, dehydrated, and with dried out skin.. not to mention flying is also a huge stress on the body.

However I do have some top tips to make the flying part more comfortable + much more nourishing to our bodies.

1. Stay nutritionally nourished.

This means take your own healthy snacks onto the plane. Such as some raw chocolate bars, unsalted soaked nuts, veggie sticks, hummus etc.. If you are flying in the day, try to have a big  healthy meal before hand so you can be mostly full for the flight and not to be tempted to eat the plane “food” (not sure food is the right word)

2. Drink lots of water.

Yes, probably quite an obvious one, but you need even more water when you are flying as it is so dehydrating. Take some coconut water on too for even more hydration + much-needed electrolytes. It will help you feeling fresh !

3. Keep your feet warm.

This will make your flight much more comfortable and because when you fly the temperature of the cabin is really dropped, you don’t want to be too cold and get sick. Being warm also helps your body relax, which means less stress hormones and again a more relaxed happy body.

4. Use essential oils

These can make all the difference to your mood,  use lavender to help you relax and sleep, orange oil to lift your mood, lemon to wake you up. Add a few drops to your wrist, neck or clothes.

5. Use an eye mask

Covering your eyes will help you relax and block out any disturbing light, helping you get some well rested sleep. So you can avoid jet leg as much as possible..

6. Keep moving

Walk up and down the aisle when you can stretching your legs, this will help your body’s blood flow + circulation working well, which will help you feel more energised and less stiff.


7. Meditate.

Great for calming the body and mind, preparing you for restful sleep and boosting the immune system. It’s a great opportunity to meditate too, and no excuses about not having enough time 😉


8. No Alcohol

So dehydrating and will really leave you feeling less than great on a flight. Go for herbal teas instead! and keep drinking water + coconut water.

9. Read

A flight is definitely more enjoyable when you have a good book to get lost in. Reading also helps to wind down and prepares you for a great sleep.


Happy Healthy Flying!!

Love  Sarah xx

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