How To Fall In Love With Your Menstrual Cycle


Is it possible to fall in love with your period?



  • Do you dread that week in every month?
  • Do you dislike the person you feel like in those days on your period?
  • Do you hate feeling so emotional?
  • Do you experience a lot of pain & cramping?
  • Do you and your cycle just not get along?


It doesn’t have to be like this!


I’ve wanted to talk about this topic for a while, and now seems like the perfect time. I’ve noticed many of the people I work with really don’t enjoy that week in every month, and it feels like more of a chore than a gift at time.

I’ve been looking into the emotional aspect this has on us as women and how healing this relationship with our bodies is so powerful .

I’m usually talk about balancing hormones and the menstrual cycle using nutrition & supplements but today I am going to be talking about the emotional side of it and how powerful some simple acts of self-love can be.


Self love is like magic. 


I work a lot with self-love. The magic & power in the act of self-love . By self-love I mean really treating your body with love with your actions, words & thoughts.

Our menstrual cycle is a BIG part of us as women. It also symbolise our creativity, our intuition, our divine feminine energy & our softness.

It’s a beautiful part of us. So  you see if we are hating on it, or moaning about it, or even dreading it, we are directing that energy at ourselves. We are telling ourselves we do not like or accept that part of us. Which can have a negative effect on our own self-love for ourselves, which can reflect as illness, depression, lack of self-esteem and many other imbalances.

I’m all for building a heathy relationship with your body, telling your body you love it, that you appreciate it and just daily, truly being grateful for your amazing body.



I’ve seen time & time again how powerfully healing this is in every way.


Since I myself  have been focusing on building a healthy self-love relationship with my menstrual cycle I have felt & noticed so many benefits in my life.

  • I feel more womanly
  • I embrace every part of me
  • I feel nurtured, nourished and much more accepting of myself.
  • I have a new-found gratitude for my cycle and how amazing it is and also the magic it brings to our lives each month.
  • When you understand it you can start to flow with it too, and see this reflect in your life.


In one word you create MORE :

Self Love


this always feels amazing.


In this blog post I want to share with you my top tips on how to fall in love with your menstrual cycle and especially those days when you have your period.


Love Your Cycle – Love Yourself.


 Lets explore how you can fall in love with your cycle:


1. Track your cycle .

Really get to know it. How many days is it between each bleed? Do you know how long ago your last period was? I use an app on my iPhone called My Days, since using it over the last couple of years I feel like I understand my body so much more,  its patterns & rhythm.


2. Look into the moon cycle.

Also known as the lunar cycle, and how it is linked to women’s menstrual cycle. Human beings are effected by the moon, for generations, a woman’s monthly cycle has been tied to the moon cycle because they’re about the same length–with a “typical” menstrual cycle lasting 28 days and a lunar cycle lasting 29.5 days. I’ve noticed as I’ve had more of a healthy balanced connected way of living, my menstrual cycle would link itself to bleed on ether the new moon or full moon.


3. Listen to your body.

We can have a tendency to push our bodies despite the messages they are giving us. This usually leaves us feeling worse and also can cause a disconnected relationship with our bodies. We want to build a loving relationship– by truly listening to our body. When they need rest give them rest, be gentle, loving & caring, like you would be to a loved one. Really care for your body on the days of your period, your body will feel more tired. Its going through a process of releasing & cleansing. Which uses up energy.


4. Nurture & nourish yourself.

When your period starts especially those first few days, really nurture yourself. Take bubble baths with essential oils, give yourself a facial. Massage yourself with coconut oil. Relax and read a book. Enjoy raw chocolate – which is loaded with magnesium which helps cramps. Create a quiet space as you’ll usually feel more sensitive and want time alone. No that there is nothing wrong with this, it is totally natural and needed.


5. Let go & embrace the release

Your period is also a time of release, a cleansing, the body is letting go. You can aid this process by journalling any emotions that come up. I also find that letting myself feel how ever I feel with no judgement is an act of self-love. Resisting these emotions is when it feels hard. Just let them be and know that these emotions are coming up for a reason and that is to be felt & cleared. Each period you have is like a rebirth, for emotions, idea’s and creativity. It’s also a great time to set you intentions for the next month too. Just know that it is okay to feel like a soft, sensitive women, softness & sensitivity is a gift. Let it be.


6. Candle light

Artificial light can really effect our hormones and cycle. Since I have been using dimmed lighting at home in the evenings and candle light I have noticed a big difference in my cycles.

Before electricity and the light bulb, shifts in the amount of light at night during the moon’s various phases could possibly have played a significant role in our menstrual cycle, maybe by affecting certain body processes impacted by light exposure, such as the production of the hormone melatonin, prompting all the folklore tying our menstrual cycle to the moon cycle.

Try and use candle light in the evening when it gets dark instead of bright lights, a bonus is it’s much more relaxing & beautiful too.


I have also recorded a video on this topic too: Click below for more.



Love  Sarah xx

(Your Soul Cheerleader for a beautiful journey)




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