How To Live A Simple Fulfilled Life


Do you ever just crave a simple life?

I think we all do.. don’t we?

I’ve just got back from a week’s holiday, so of course I am still in holiday mode and fighting with the feeling that I have to let it go..

Let go of the relaxation, the ease, the simple life.

This could be called the “holiday blues” we have all probably experienced.

Which comes to today’s blog post –

Why can’t we always live the simple life?

Who stops us?

We do! Our own minds. The rules we give ourselves.


I was thinking about this as I laid on the beach. Why don’t I allow myself to feel this way everyday.. or at least try to.?

As I felt all of my body breathe a big relaxing sigh, and just let go into the moment, feeling grounded, present and in the flow. The only thing I had done differently was allowing myself, telling myself it was okay to, obviously the sea + sand + sun helped a lot also.. but I was in control of my feelings and I let myself just let go.

Which means I can do this anytime I like. So with this realisation I’ve come back from holiday with a very strong desire  to live in this way as much as I can in my daily life.

Simple Life = “Slow” + In the flow.

Relaxing. Trusting. Allowing


When we go on holiday we give our selves permission to let go, let go of worries back home, let go of stress, let go of responsibility. We LET GO.


Simple Life = Letting Go ?

I think it’s certainly a part of it.


We are after that feeling of FREEDOM, free from anything that we feel weighs us down, or plays on our mind.

So anything that drains our energy.


Simple Life = More Energy ?

Definitely does for me.


So what else can make us feel like we are not living a simple life?



This a big one.

When I go on holiday I feel I let go of some of my “responsibilities”.

Not all of them. As some are important to have in my opinion, such as being responsible for our own lives, our actions, how we choose to live etc.. its very similar to feeling empowered in your life.

However the “responsibilities” that I don’t feel serve us, are the ones that we feel we MUST do, that are more society driven, the ones that make us feel guilty if we don’t.

The ones that make us feel like we must do things a certain way – Like earn a certain amount of money, own a house, a car, work hard, work harder,

The responsibilities which make us put so much pressure on our selves, to achieve, to own, to be “somebody” . The ones that make us feel guilty when we take a break, or time for ourselves. That make us feel like self-care is a luxury + not a necessity.

It’s these  “responsibilities” this pressure that we put on ourselves,s which weigh us down. The stress we put on ourselves.


Simple life = More Balance



Simple Life = More Self Care


My week’s holiday gave me a beautiful reminder of what it is to truly live life. We have to live it the way we want to. This means being aware of the times we are not being very nice to ourselves. Working ourselves too hard and being all round to HARD on ourselves.

Each day on holiday I went for a run down to the sea, I went for a quick swim, meditated on the beach, then had a healthy brunch. Pure SIMPLE bliss.

I know I don’t have the option of doing that now I am home as I don’t live by the sea (yet). However I can bring the awareness of bringing simplicity into my life again on a daily basis, and allowing myself to feel as free as I did on holiday, and as balanced. It’s certainly a healthier way to live.

It’s a choice!

I recorded a vlog on this too:


  • So what can you do to live a simpler life on a daily basis?
  • How can you feel more balanced & grounded?
  • How can you allow yourself to let go?
  • If you ask the question, your inner voice will let you know the answer.

I’d love to hear from you 🙂


Love  Sarah xx

(Your Soul Cheerleader for a beautiful journey)




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