Lets Get Real


“We just want human connection”


How do you feel about social media?

I’m noticing a pattern at the moment of lots of people wanting to step back from social media, switch off, take a break, log out, and come away from this whole way of communication.


It feels like we all have this  love hate thing going on with social media.


Why ?

I think there are a few reasons –

  • People want true connection – 1:1
  • Social media can make us lazy friends – i.e instead of meeting with friends we will chat to them on Facebook.
  • It can make us feel isolated
  • It can fuel  comparison – comparing ourselves to others
  • It can make you feel un authentic.. a bit of a fake.. sharing only the “perfect” parts of our lives.
  • We can feel bombarded with information
  • It can take us out of the present moment & we can spend even more time on our phone than we want to.
  • It can become an addiction..


I share in this video.. my views on social media, the pro’s + con’s, also what I’m doing to try to balance my relationship with social media and be as authentic as I can –

Social media with soul.



How do you feel about social media? I’d love you to connect with me and share your experiences and views on this topic.


Love  Sarah xx

(Your Soul Cheerleader for a beautiful journey)




Soulful Health Coach at Hooked on High Vibes. Helping you create true health & inner power. Sharing transformational tools to create a limitless life you love.

IMG_0106ABBalanceSZ 2

Is Coaching for YOU?

Ready to take that step & light up your life?

-You want to know more about yourself, to get in touch with your authentic self, to feel empowered in your life and learn how to truly love your beautiful unique self.

-You want to feel good in all ways, body, mind & soul. Your ready to do the work of diving deep and committing to the journey of growth.

-You feel like something is missing and you want to feel peace in your mind instead of constantly searching.

-You love self-development, but feel like you haven’t got the tools to take you to the next stage that you are wanting.

-You feel alone in your circle of friends as not many of your friends are into the deeper spiritual side of life.

-You crave connection & community & a feeling of not being alone anymore.

-You believe in guidance and divine timing and know that everything happens at the right time.

-You are excited by change and to learn more about yourself. To really get in touch with your soul, your essence, your own heart and inner power.

-You want to feel as good as you know you can feel.

– You will do your all to get there.

-You want to feel at home in your mind & body.

-It is the next stage of your journey. To light up your life.

Create a magical life – Live the dream:

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