How To Stay Balanced & Grounded In Transformational Times


“We are all butterflies”


How are you holding up beautiful ?

I just wanted to check in, as I know a lot of people who I’ve been speaking to lately have been going through transformational times in these last few weeks, even months.

There is lots of change happening, lots of new opportunities & “ah ha” moments, but with all this can come challenge, fear,  and letting go of  parts of us that no longer serve us.



The energy that surrounds us is vibrating at a higher level, this is caused by planetary movements, eclipses and what you could call universal energy.


For those of you who are not quite sure about the whole “energy” thing or for those of you who would like to understand a little more about it, I will explain more :


You may have noticed by now that  I’m a health & lifestyle coach with a difference. It’s not just about nutrition for me, it’s so much more than that!  I call myself a soul cheerleader.  You could even call be a big hippy, it’s okay, it wouldn’t be the first time. I guess my coaching name gives it off –

“ Hooked On High Vibes”


I do feel a little like Mary Poppins with my big bag of “tricks” I love energy work. I use a lot of different things to bring balance and health into mind, body & spirit.


Crystals, angel cards, nutrition, cleansing, power of the mind, manifesting & reiki, energy healing.

+ so much more.


True health to me means a combination of everything. This includes the energy in and around your body.

I believe in passionately that everything is energy, everything that surrounds us is energy and energy affects the way we feel in mind, body & soul.


We are energy.


Do you ever have those days where you wake up and your just feeling a bit off, or lost, or overly emotional, sensitive etc.. and you blame yourself for not getting a good enough sleep, or not eating well the day before, or just put it down to “emotional issues” ?

Yep been there too.

Well yes all of these will have an effect on the way that you feel, however I don’t ever believe it is that black or white.

The energy around us plays a big part too.


If you are particularly sensitive, you will feel the energy that surrounds you even more so than others (that’s my story) however we are all being affected.


One of my favourtie things is to teach people to become aware of this energy, and how to use it to reach their highest potential, in health & happiness.


How do I become aware of energy? 

For instance if you go to a shopping centre and it’s crowded, think of  all the energies from lots of people all mixed together, this is why some people don’t like crowds – it can make you feel a bit overwhelmed.

Or you walk into a room where there has been a disagreement, you can feel the energy of the room and the people, without any words needing to be spoken.


This is what I mean by these energies having an effect on us.


We can feel it.


It is no different with the planets having an effect on our emotions too, (our energy)


So at the moment for instance, – if we look at the planets and how their placement is effecting our energy.

We have just had a big eclipse and we have another one coming again soon.

So for instance this week the planets are doing a great job of cleansing our emotions. We are between 2 eclipses so energetically a lot of “stuff” has been stirred up and we are experiencing accelerated change.

This can bring up our deepest fears to the surface, and we may be feeling emotionally sensitive (even more so).

These kind of astrological events have a big effect on the way we feel.

It’s becoming aware of these things, so you can see the bigger picture. It’s all part of our journey, to see that we experience things to grow & evolve.

I also recorded a video for you to give you some tips to help your energy & therefore your health too:


So please be gentle on yourself  with these energies affecting us.

Allow emotions to come up, let them out, and let them be. Allow these feelings, dance them out, write them out, cry them out, and do not judge them. These are all steps for you to reach your highest potential, and we have these emotions & feelings because we are human.


If you are feeling the emotional surge, post here, we are all here to support each other!


Love  Sarah xx

(Your Soul Cheerleader for a beautiful journey)




Soulful Health Coach at Hooked on High Vibes. Helping you create true health & inner power. Sharing transformational tools to create a limitless life you love.

IMG_0106ABBalanceSZ 2

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-You feel alone in your circle of friends as not many of your friends are into the deeper spiritual side of life.

-You crave connection & community & a feeling of not being alone anymore.

-You believe in guidance and divine timing and know that everything happens at the right time.

-You are excited by change and to learn more about yourself. To really get in touch with your soul, your essence, your own heart and inner power.

-You want to feel as good as you know you can feel.

– You will do your all to get there.

-You want to feel at home in your mind & body.

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