How To Create A Relationship Of Love With Your Body

body love

You are beautiful!

 Yes you are!

I am so passionate about helping young girls & women especially, build a loving relationship to their bodies.

This subject is very close to my heart, and has been a BIG part of my own journey to health,happiness & balance.

My experiences with my relationship to my own body has been a journey of big self discovery and I am happy to be able to share what I have learnt along the way to help others.

This blog post is to share how I recovered from a very toxic relationship with my body, food and myself in general.

Where it began: 

I had anorexia when I was 14/15 years old and I thank my younger self for getting the help I needed by reaching out. However the relationship with my body did not improve until many  years later.

I also developed orthorexia in my early twenties, which in a way was just another way of controlling my food – in a nutshell it’s being obsessed with eating the “right” food.

I ate so “perfectly” – it became a total obsession. I had no balance at all.

Balance is the key.


I was also diagnosed with body dysmorphia in my late teens, which at the time was very life consuming for me. When I look back to those days, I had very little self-confidence and a lot of self-loathing. My self-love was at an all time low.

Body dysmorphia  is when you can’t see yourself in the same light others do, you literally “obsess “about a certain part of the way that you look., so much so that it’s all you think about, and it takes over your life.

So as you can see, I had a lot of things to work through, and for me it was all an inside job.

I had a lot of self hate talk going on for a very long time. I really didn’t like myself or think in any way I was “good enough”


I had to change the way I saw my body


Now as I sit here writing this I realise how passionate I am about helping others reach the place I have arrived at on my journey. Where I am happy with my body,  I feel balanced and I can now say I love my body .


 Balance & happiness looks different for everyone.


This is balance for me:

I’m happy – even if I eat a processed chocolate bar, I’m happy even if I have a few spost on my face, I’m happy even if I put on a little weight over the winter months, I’m happy even if I am not “perfect”.


I’m happy being at ease with my body.

Its taken me a while to get here and the self-love journey is a forever journey, however I am finally FREE of the things that made me feel so trapped, out of control and effected my happiness and therefore my health too.


So, here I want to share with you the ways that have helped me create a loving relationship with my body:


1. Your body is amazing!

Firstly, realise that your body is always working for you. It’s always doing its best and working hard. Becoming aware of how freaking fantastic our bodies are, how they work, and what they do all day long can help you see your body in a different light .Truly feeling grateful for the “simple things” we can take for granted, such as breathing, a beating, pumping heart, all the work your body does internally that you just don’t see. This bring a sense of gratitude, which is powerful at changing the way you feel and shift your thinking.

2. The beauty of balance

Don’t give your power to food. Yes, health is amazing, it’s what I stand for, but I also stand for balance, as you need both to be truly healthy. Balance is different for everyone. For me it’s eating healthy 99% of the time, I’m happy here. It’s also not giving myself strict rules to abide by, or limiting foods as off-limits, because as soon as you do that, you are going to crave that “thing” that is off-limits with all your might!

You will rebel.

 3. It’s not about the numbers!

Stop counting calories, stop even looking at the calories on food packaging, stop putting numbers into that damn macro app on your phone. Get numbers out of your head. If there is a pattern I see over and over again, it is what obsessing about calories does to us physiologically . It creates an unhealthy relationship to food. Food is food, its fuel, it is not about the numbers. I am not a lover of the word “calories” at all actually, whenever I hear that word it makes me cringe!

Eating healthy in my opinion, doesn’t need calories counting. We all have a good idea of what is a health food and what is not. We also have a good idea about what a good portion size is and what is not. We can begin trusting ourselves and stop relying on calories to guide us.

4. Trust your body.

When you truly tune into your body and connect with yourself and your emotions, you can become more aware of what a true craving is.

Cravings can be emotional, nutritional, or even just thirst. Its becoming aware of these feelings. The more you practise tuning in you will be able to tell when you are truly hungry or if it is something else driving your craving. Trusting your body to tell you when it is hungry and how much food it needs gives you back your power and trust in your own intuition.

I simply eat when I am hungry and this connects me to my body and its messages.

5. You & Your Mirror.

Get naked and tell your body you love it, and yes in front of a mirror. This may feel uncomfortable at first, however this kind of self-love is important.

It’s to be practiced and it’s to be carried on for the rest of your life. Tell your body you love it, appreciate it. Focus on the parts you love and send them love & appreciation in words, thoughts or a dance routine 😉 Then focus on the parts you find it hard to focus on and tell those parts you love them too.

6. Choose food from love not fear.

When I make a food choice I check in with myself and see if I’m making this choice out of fear (feeling bad) or love (feeling good) do I want this food to make me feel better, cure-all of my problems and dull my emotions so I can’t feel them anymore? Or do I want to eat this food, because I want to eat it with love, appreciation, gratitude and it is adding to an already happy state.

Food is not my drug but it is to be enjoyed.

7. Change your thoughts.

I believe our thoughts are so important. Our thoughts create our actions and our actions create our reality. So for instance when you may slip up on your ” ideal” way of eating, you may berate yourself or feel bad. Which usually leads to a binge of “bad” food to make us feel better.

However if we change our thoughts about these “slip ups” and stop the guilty feelings, we are more likely to shrug it off and carry on towards our goals and what makes us feel good.

8. Focus on feeling healthy

Focusing on feeling healthy and not just focusing on your appearance and how you want it to change, is good for your mind. The bonus of being healthy is that it shines on the outside too. When you focus on feeling good all the rest follows without having to worry about what you look like all the time.

9. Nourish & nurture.

When you focus on how you can take care of yourself and how you can love yourself on a daily basis, this starts to create a loving relationship with yourself.

You choose a certain food because you want to feel good, you choose an activity because you want to nourish yourself and feel good.

When it comes from love over fear it feels so different, you become your own best friend, instead of your worst critic.


“Fill Yourself Up With Love”



Love  Sarah xx

(Your Soul Cheerleader for a beautiful journey)




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