Turning 33 – Creating Authenticity & Balance

Have BIG changes been happening for you? Can you feel transformation in the air?
I just turned 33 at the weekend, and it feels like a BIG time for me. This year has been a super transformational time for me, and a great reminder that we are forever growing & evolving on our journey.I’m about to launch my new website in a couple of weeks, which has a message and feel to it which is much more authentic to the person I am now. My message & my personality has all evolved so much in just this year alone, and I am so ready to share this with all of you.I’ve had to really delve deep and ask myself:

  • What is my message?
  • Who am I ?
  • What lights me up?
  • What do I want to share?
  • What do I love?

All such super important questions and also very challenging ones.  I knew inside of me the answers but sometimes expressing it is a little harder.

However I got there, and the clarity came from lots of journaling time, talking to friends and loved ones, delving deep in meditations and a whole lot of soul-searching.

“ Shine your light. So bright. Always.”

I know that I love helping others to connect with themselves, truly connect with their inner power, this lights me up.To see others light up and to step out and be confident to be 100% themselves, and to find that part of themselves where they feel confident to be authentic at the same time as following their dreams & rock their world.
Reaching their highest potential!
You see, to get to this place you sometimes have to experience challenge, this is the balance of life. The way we release layers that no longer serve us, to grow, evolve, we usually have to work our way through and step out of our comfort zone.

“I know this has been my journey and a journey is to be shared.”

The new moon in Libra – a transformational time.

If you are experiencing major changes & transitions at the moment, remember we are all in this together and you are supported. We are being encouraged to get 100% real with ourselves, our desires, our dreams, our health, are authentic selves. To find out what we want we sometimes have to experience what we don’t want.

It’s all part of the journey.

Each new moon is a new beginning. The Libra new moon is all to do with balance.


What is your new path? Are you feeling drawn to one?


Everything is an opportunity to get to know ourselves better, for that is where the magic lies.

The connection to :

  • Our inner power.
  • Our true selves.
  • Our voice.
  • Our heart & soul.

However it resonates with you.

It’s up to each one of us, to explore our paths, and to connect with ourselves so we  can learn how to step forward into the new.

It is also about sharing with others, realising how much we do need each other, for connection.

  • To be seen.
  • To truly be seen by others for what we truly are.

Yes that can be our vulnerable selves at times. The parts of us we are scared to show others for the fear of feeling judged.

I urge you to reach out if you need to, to connect with someone, to share with someone, to be real and authentic, take off your mask, create true connection in your relationships, let yourself feel vulnerable and then liberated for being truly you.

“For we are all on our journeys together.”

For me this has been my guidance over my birthday weekend, my new path is to be myself more than ever.

Here are my 5 tips on creating an authentic life:

1. Authenticity starts when you set the intention to be true to yourself. You start to connect to what this looks and feels like for you. An awareness that this means to be your genuine nature even when it feels vulnerable.

2. Connecting with your beliefs & values. To really ask yourself and understand what you value, what do you desire? To get clear on what you care about.

3. Open your mind. When we experience the world around us from an open perspective, no labels which can keep us feeling trapped in judgement & limitation, as this can shut down our authentic and vulnerable self. Be open.

4. Trust your intuition. Connect to the magic within you. Your voice. Your gut. When we are being inauthentic, usually things just don’t feel right. Your instincts will tell you. Authenticity brings flow and ease into your life.

5. Know that the journey is forever shifting, evolving, changing. Be open to this. It’s a joinery of going deeper and discovering yourself along the way. New pieces of yourself.


“The universe will support you!”


Love  Sarah xx

(Your Soul Cheerleader to True Health)




Soulful Health Coach at Hooked on High Vibes. Helping you create true health & inner power. Sharing transformational tools to create a limitless life you love.



Is This YOU?

-You want to know more about yourself, to get in touch with your authentic self, to feel empowered in your life and learn how to truly love your beautiful unique self.

-You want to feel good in all ways, body, mind & soul. Your ready to do the work of diving deep and committing to the journey of growth.

-You feel like something is missing and you want to feel peace in your mind instead of constantly searching.

-You love self development, but feel like you haven’t got the tools to take you to the next stage that you are wanting.

-You feel alone in your circle of friends as not many of your friends are into the deeper spiritual side of life.

-You crave connection & community & a feeling of not being alone anymore.

-You believe in guidance and divine timing and know that everything happens at the right time.

-You are excited by change and to learn more about yourself. To really get in touch with your soul, your essence, your own heart and inner power.

-You want to feel as good as you know you can feel.

– You will do your all to get there.

-You want to feel at home in your mind & body.

-It is the next stage of your journey. To light up your life.


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