Cacao. Too much of a good thing?


I’ve written about this before. However sometimes in life we need a few reminders. You know how it goes.

My relationship with raw cacao has come up again on my journey and I want to share it with you. Always in the hope that you will find it useful and it helps somebody else on their own journey to true health.

I  have a love hate thing going on with cacao. I can’t get enough! I get addicted. I rely on it, to stimulate me & power me through my day.

Plus it tastes delicious, and who doesn’t love chocolate??

I also know that my unique body type doesn’t do well with too many stimulants. Ie : caffeine. So this means, coffee, cacao green tea…

My heart beats fast, I feel hot.. this doesn’t happen every time, but usually when i’ve had too much.

Over the last couple of week’s of enjoying my hot chocolate tonic’s daily,  Ive noticed slowly, slowly, I haven’t been feeling my best. A tired and wired feeling. A few headaches and pain around my liver. I am very in tune with my body so I can feel when something is off. Not quite right..

There’s that voice in my head, saying it’s the cacao Sarah, you’re having it every day, its burning your adrenals out, your little kidney battery packs.

I ignored this little voice for a while,  I just wasn’t ready to admit it to myself. I was enjoying my hot chocolate tonics too much.

I talk about connection to ourselves all the time, and the magic within you.

I was ignoring mine.. and the other morning loud and clear my inner power, my intuition came through after I stood in the kitchen and asked myself “what do I need to do?”  – Sarah, you have to give the cacao a break, lets build up your energy naturally without the morning stimulant. Your running off a false energy, not your own and you are becoming burnt out.

My inner voice was loud and clear!

I could not ignore my intuition any longer. So thats it, I’m listening now and taking action.

I’m going to explain why personally I feel too much cacao (like every day) can start to have a negative effect on health and why it has on mine.

I’m going to list the pro’s & con’s about cacao and how it relates in chinese medicine:

  • Chocolate is said to fight fatigue and build up resistance.
  • Cacao has properties realated to the heart, spleen and kidneys in chinese medicine. The sweetness of the chocolate works with our spleen so can calm our thoughts, make us happy and increase energy.
  • Cacao is warming, so it’s heat stirs the heart and making our blood quicken, stoking our fire energy. Strengthing our yang energy – kidney energy – sexual energy.
  • It increases your physical energy, it stirs passion and moves Qi (energy) and blood.
  • It provides a quick boost of  yang, physical active energy.
  • It helps to expel dampness, and stagnation and benefits the liver too. This is why if you are angry or stressed, you are attracted to chocolate as it temporarily gets things moving. (The liver is the seat of anger & stress)

However – here is what happens when it becomes too much of a good thing and you over do the cacao.

  • Chocolate is powerful. It is medicinal. A little goes a long way.
  • Too much overwhelms the body, particularly the spleen and kidneys.
  • Consuming chocolate in excess can easily aggravate dampness (candida) which will make you feel heavy, lethargic, overweight and depressed.
  • It can also exhaust kidney energy, yang energy. which means you can become unmotivated, apathetic, impotent and sore and achy.
  • So too much chocolate overwhelms the spleen and leads to dampness.

Its all really a little lesson in balance. Moderation. Using food as medicine.

I’ll be sharing with you how I feel over the next month of cutting out the cacao.

Let me know if you have had a similar experience with cacao? candida? dampness? adrenal health?

“The beauty in balance ”


Love  Sarah xx

(Your Soul Cheerleader to True Health)




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