The Inner Child Project


healthy child

(me aged 10)

I’ve been wanting to write this blog post for a while now. I’ve finally got round to doing it after working real hard on my new website which will be launching next month!

It’s quite relevant that I’ve not got round to writing this post because I’ve been working hard, and that is what this post is all about.

The work & play balance.

I was sitting in meditation the other day and this idea popped into my mind.


I could feel my soul screaming, yes please, I need that.

I needed a little gentle reminder,and meditation is one of those ways that those beautiful reminders come in. I’ve been very focused on “work” and I love my work, but still I need a balance, and my balance has been a bit skew whiff!

We all need more joy and more fun, I mean you can’t overdose on it.

“The more the merrier.”

It’s obvious right ?  but how many of us have fun on a daily basis ?

Real fun, the fun that we had as child.

The inner child is often neglected, and I believe this has a big effect on our overall happiness, contentment, and it will reflect itself in our lives in some way or another.

Manifest magic = Inner child loving

Our inner child needs some BIG loving, and I’m on a mission over the next 30 days to do just that.

I’m going to take part in my own little project – The Inner Child Project.

I’d really love it if you took part too, I know you’d really benefit.

We can all experience more joy, fun and happiness together. Plus you know what they say the more good vibes out there, the more they will join forces and work together to help change the energy of the world, the universe, the other people around us to happy, happy, happy.

“High vibes are contagious”

The inner child project is a 30 day project. The rules are simple.

  • Firstly, sit in meditation, relax, and think back to your childhood. what did you love to do? what could you get lost in for endless hours? Write down all of the ideas that pop into your head, write as many as you can think of. They can be as silly, out there as your want, but ones that you can actually achieve is important.
  • Then once you have your list. Pin it somewhere were you can see it everyday. On a mirror, on the fridge, by your bed, as a bookmark in a book. Where ever you will see it everyday.
  • Each day you will take some time in your day to do one of those things on your list, for 30 days.
  • Take a photo, post it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter or ALL of them, hash tag it #innerchildproject.


Watch the magic happen as you work your way, sorry I mean PLAY your way through 30 days. At the end of 30 days I believe you will be feeling MUCH more joy, happiness and gratitude. You will of re programmed your brain, to look for the fun, but not even just looking for the fun, but actually having fun, every day!

Nurturing and nourishing our inner child is powerful!

Come and experience it with me over the next 30 days.


  1. Dancing
  2. Singing
  3. Playing outside
  4. Dressing Up
  5. Drawing
  6. Painting
  7. Making a den
  8. Creating delicious food
  9. Playing with animals
  10. Climbing trees
  11. Chatting with friends, no filter.
  12. Picking and smelling flowers
  13. Playing on swings
  14. Running around barefoot
  15. Bubble baths
  16. Hula Hoops
  17. Making sand castles
  18. Skipping
  19. Blowing bubbles
  20. Cutting & Sticking – collages
  21. Reading
  22. Watch a program you love and get lost in
  23. Play with your favourite toys
  24. Play games
  25. Trampolining
  26. Eating chocolate
  27. Dreaming, using my imagination
  28. Cartwheels
  29. Cuddles & Kisses
  30. Playing with my niece

Will you join me?


This 30 day project starts 1st August.  Doing something like this with friends is great, you share the fun, support each other and share ideas. You can hold each other accountable which is important for getting things done and completed, and building healthy habits.

Find a follow through friend.

I’d love it if you tag me so I can see all of your great ideas and all the fun you are having!

My Facebook is Hooked On Health

Instagram – @hookedonhighvibes

So let’s get those inner child ideas flowing, and lets prepare for a FUN filled August.


“Watch the inner child magic unfold”

Come and follow me on Instagram to follow my inner child journey @hookedonhighvibes


Love  Sarah xx

(Your Soul Cheerleader)


“I’m here to cheer you on to never give up on your dreams, to always look for the magic and find & follow the high vibes to a limitless life”


Soulful Health Coach at Hooked on High Vibes. Helping you create true health & inner power. To live a transformational limitless life you love.


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  • Personalised programmes
  • Living a transformational Life
  • Experience magical self empowerment

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