Rebirth & New Beginnings

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I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while..

I have to confess! I’m in the middle of a rebirth.. or just coming out the other side.
Do you feel like your path has changed? or is changing? or that something big is happening but you can’t quite describe or put into words what it is..? Do you feel like your soul is crying out for more?
Can you relate to this?
Well that’s been my story for the last month or so.  Change usually means big things are going to happen, and naturally we may get scared and run away from them, running away from the unknown. The new can be scary, the new may make us grow, push our boundaries, beliefs, change our whole world.
This is what I’ve been experiencing, and yes it does bring up fear, but I also remind myself I’ve been through this before, many times, and it is always so worth it, its a beautiful experience.
The place you come to when you’ve released the old. A new you, a brighter you, a wiser, stronger happier and more authentic you. Who would not want that?
This is what rebirth is, and it may happen many times in a lifetime, it’s where we grow the most, where we leave behind what doesn’t serves us anymore and where we emerge like a butterfly, shiny and new and flying off to higher and happier than before!
I’ve always been very connected to my desires, always felt intuitively inside what is right and wrong for me and been able to feel the energy in situations. My heart and soul has always spoken loud and clear on what it wants. As a little girl, especially my teenage years I didn’t quite understand my sensitivity and my inner world, which did cause me some pain, as I learnt to embrace my sensitivity and the fact I felt so much and so deeply and could tune into other peoples emotions and energies.
Our senses are there for a reason. To help us through this life, our compass, our path, and our sensitivity is a big part of this, the part that  tell’s us the messages we need for our journey.
I see my sensitivity and intuition as a gift now, but I didn’t always feel this way.
I knew from the age of 14 or maybe younger, that I did not want to get a “job” I saw a job, and working 9-5 as pain, my heart and soul told me then that it didn’t want that. It didn’t want the norm. I will not work in a job I hate, just to make my way through life, paying bills, and live for the weekends, no, no, no! I remember saying this to my mum quite firmly after I had finished my GCSE’s.
I just didn’t get it, what was it all about?
I knew then that I didn’t want to and my heart certainly wouldn’t let me just follow society’s rules. I wasn’t sure how it was going to happen, but I knew there was something more!
However I did learn to ignore my hearts cries for a long while, probably all through school, through my first job, second job and third job working in a job that did not light me up or get me excited for life.
I was depressed, fed up, tired and I wanted more.
As I went on my journey,  my teachers and lesson’s, situations came into my life, I grew, and grew, and was led in the right direction.  It was a hard journey at times, I did have lots of fear come up. The thoughts and old beliefs that told me I shouldn’t follow my dreams, it wasnt;t safe, I wouldn’t earn enough money, where was my certainty? What would people think? Was this sensible?
So I’ve been  going through a shedding of old beliefs and old thoughts again this last month or so , as I move forward in my business and life and new situations that bring up fear, highlighting limiting old belief and patterns that just don’t serve me anymore.  It’s a beautiful experience and one that I’ve needed to take some time to myself to turn inwards. This is where the true wisdom is, the answers we are searching for and the comfort we need in times of change.
I have let go of a lot,  I have emerged from my cocoon and I’m ready for the next stage of my journey.
I believe passionately in connecting with yourself, listening to your heart and soul, and going within. Connecting with our true self is where the happiness is, our true joy, we are here to share our unique selves with the world and to make sure we are being true to us.
Meditation is brilliant at connecting with ourselves. Just taking the time to sit, breathe and actually listen to whats going on within. The whispers.
With this rebirth I am excited to say that I have a new website on the way and my work will be changing slightly towards a more authentic me that has emerged.
It will still be about creating a life you love, a happy  healthy you, but it will be me expressing myself more and sharing with you what I am all about even more authentically.
I can’t wait to share! I hope for any one else that feels they are going through a rebirth, or feel that they are being led to express their true selves , that this comforts and supports you and that you realise you are not alone!
We are all in this together and I truly believe we are here to share ourselves, our realness, our humanness our beautifully imperfect parts of us, our everything!
  • Sit quietly and meditate
  • Write, let out your thoughts onto paper, don’t think, just write.
  • Go into nature
  • Read the Desire Map
  • Cleanse the body


“I urge you to never give up on your dreams, to always want the best for yourself, to listen out for your inner voice and make yourself a priority”

Lots of Love & Wellness


If you are interested in Health Coaching just contact me on my website through the consultation page.

Holistic Health Coach at Hooked on Health
Working with Women to reach their ideal weight, awaken their passion and spark for life.


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  • Living a transformational Life
  • Experience magical self empowerment

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