The Vibrance Cleanse

spring flowers

I love a good old reset. I have it down to a fine art of 3 days. Its my reset cleanse I go to when welcoming in a new season, or if I want to wake up my creative spirit, have more clarity, feel lighter, give my skin an extra glow.

I’m going to share with you a quick over view of how it goes:

Day 1 to 3 

Wake up, drink a pint of filtered water with lemon.

Meditate for 15 minutes

Yoga for 30 minutes

Drink just green juice, herbal teas and water through out the day.

Coffee Enema & Castor oil pack each day.

Milk Thistle tincture taken 3 times a day.

Dry skin brush & a Himalayan salt bath before bed.

Bed by 10pm.

Day 4

Break the cleanse with some juicy watermelon. Introduce solid food back in slowly.

I love how much more time I have when I juice fast too! Always makes me feel amazing and ready to take on the world.

Plus the bonus of brighter, skin, eyes and softer skin is of course welcomed gladly.

Give it a go!

Let me know how you get on.

If you don’t have time to make your own juice or have a juicer but want to do a cleanse.. You can get a green juice cleanse from Juice Rehab. 

This cleanse is called Vibrance.

green juice vibrance


Which comes with liver support and colon cleansing support for amazing results!

Among other things, green juice alkalises your body and gets your intestines working properly… You get great skin because your liver and your guts are working properly, and you stay slim because all of your bodily functions are in line, and your hormones are balanced—your skin is a direct reflection of what’s happening in your guts.


Happy Spring Cleansing beauties xx

Lots  of Love & Wellness


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