Raw Cacao – Is It For You?

raw cacao

Raw Cacao:

Raw Cacao. Raw Chocolate. Raw Hot Chocolates. Raw Chocolate puddings.

So many options!

There is a lot of raw chocolate available now, it’s growing and fast.  Its so much healthier than processed chocolate which is great. Its definitely a healthier choice and I love the fact that there are healthier indulgent choices available to us now.

However over the last 5 years I have had a love hate relationship with raw chocolate/cacao and in the last 2 years I have really woken up and had to listen to my body and realise I feel much better when I don’t eat it!

Has this always been the case? I mean it’s a superfood how can this be possible?

My journey with raw cacao:

My first taste of raw chocolate was amazing, I loved it. I always loved dark chocolate and this was dense, dark and delicious.

For the first few years of my raw vegan journey my relationship with raw chocolate went a bit like this : “It’s a superfood? Brilliant. Give me more!”

I went a bit overboard, I loved making lots of different chocolate desserts, tonics and chocolates from the cacao powder and I still do love making them.

When I look back on my first experiences with chocolate I noticed it gave me a buzz, my sensitive body felt very stimulated from it, I would feel hot and my heart would beat faster ,I would feel a bit sweaty and my face would feel really hot.

I knew before my raw cacao experiences that my body didn’t like stimulants such as caffeine, and it gave me a similar feeling that I would get with coffee or green tea..  but not as bad..

Intuition Is A Powerful Thing:

My intuition was telling me for a long time that raw cacao was not a food that made me thrive, however I carried on eating it,  and I personally found it very addictive. Plus it was a superfood! I was in denial.

The longer I ignored my intuition, I started to experience more migraine headaches, anxiety and a feeling of adrenal fatigue… the day after I would consume chocolate I would feel a little hung over.

For a long time I didn’t want to believe it was the chocolate that was causing it..

My Conclusion:

I have come across more and more people that are have trouble with cacao..

It is not good for everyone. Moderation is the key if you don’t feel addicted .

For me consumed in very tiny amounts and not every day or every week and for now I am avoiding it all together.

Sensitive Types:

All of our bodies are unique, and our bodies all react to food differently even so called superfoods! This is the case even with raw chocolate. Especially for the very sensitive types, people who are sensitive to stimulants of any kind. I would be classed in that category.

This kind of person is usually someone who needs to stay in a very fine balance to feel good, and take care not to be over stimulated and knock them off their sweet spot. Again this is me.

Pitta & Vata Dosha 

I’ve also learnt that raw cacao may over stimulate and overheat a pitta dosha type and aggravate vata types according to ancient ayurvedic medicine.


Listen To Your Unique Body

I just want you to be really aware of how raw cacao feels in your body? Not just raw cacao but any superfood .. just because something is classed as healthy or a superfood doesn’t mean its the right thing for you to thrive.

I  am not attacking raw cacao, or disputing its high nutritional content.. but I am wary of the effects it has on SOME people. Especially sensitive, and addictive personality types..


I have been off the cacao for a month now. I have done these experiments before, and I do personally find cacao addictive! So once I start eating it again.. I find it hard to not.. I am wary of foods that cause addiction.. there could be a number of reasons for this with cacao. The caffeine content ? The fact that it release ‘s chemicals in the brain that make you feel loved. I mean who doesn’t want to feel more of that?!


I have realised if i do eat it, in larger quantities.. I get a migraine headache and symptoms that my liver dislikes it, such as an itchy forehead and itchy eyebrows and I feel very hot which can come from an aggravated  liver.

Word cloud for Adrenal fatigue


I also start to feel anxious if I eat too much cacao, I can notice the difference in my nervous system and especially my adrenals, a wired and tired feeling.

Another reason I am cutting out the cacao and why my body may not like it..is the high copper content it has and from my last hair analysis test  my result came back with copper toxicity, so chocolate is not a good choice for me at the moment anyway.

So how do you feel when you have raw cacao?

If you feel wonderful.. awesome!

If you don’t.. ? Firstly don’t worry, awareness is the first step. Then you can decide what to do next that is best for you to thrive 🙂

Other Options:

I am loving Lucuma at the moment! This is my indulgent replacement for some sweetness in my puddings, chocolate and cakes. Also carob is another good option.

Lots  of Love & Wellness


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