My Liver Made Me Do It..


One area of health that’s always interested me is the connection between the health of our organs and our emotions .

Lets look at the liver from a chinese medicine point of view.

In chinese medicine most organs are connected to an emotion.

The liver is linked to anger.

Did you know that the liver can store emotions such as anger and resentment?

A toxic liver can lead to anger problems and problems controlling or letting go of anger.

What I’m saying is the health of your liver can have an effect on how you feel emotionally in your body and in your life.  The more toxic you may be you may feel the anger  longer, more intensely, more passionately, and have a difficult time letting it go.

It’s not just anger, it can be jealousy, guilt and other low vibe emotions:

Irritation, impatience, being overly critical, rage, hate, angry outburst, over reactivity, feelings of not feeling heard, not feeling loved, not being recognized, judgment, racism, the need to control, inability to express your feelings in a grounded/balanced way, lack of joy, denial and inability to be honest with yourself and others, inability to be authentic or any addiction of any kind.

Clearing these negative emotions is one of my favourite reasons on why I love a liver cleanse and spring is my favourite time to do this.

In Taoist Yoga the liver represents the wood element and it resonates with the spring season, a wonderful time to cleanse. The gallbladder is the associated organ.

Other ways of loving your liver happy :

To heal and restore the liver, breathe the color green into the organ, allowing it rejuvenate. Imagine the green light of the liver over flowing into the gallbladder. Next blow out black smoke color (the toxins) while creating the “Shhhh” sound.

A great healing affirmation for our liver could be:

Love and Peace and Joy are What I Know.”

Take good care of your organs and remember, smiling to your organs is highly beneficial at reducing stress and maintaining health and longevity.  The more we send communication to the organs that things are okay and all is well, the more we activate the true healing of the body.

Don’t repress anger:

When anger arises, if we would give it a few minutes to be fully felt, without overreacting and unleashing it on another being ~ we would release it. If completely suppressed it tends to manifest as physical issues including neck and shoulder pain, headaches and migraines,


A happy healthy liver will help you feel :

Kindness, Generosity and Love.

On the positive side, the liver is the organ which compels us to take action, to do something new, to innovate and to make a decision. Creativity is down to the liver, having the urge to express yourself, or creatively solve a problem.

Lets all show our livers some love for more love.

Lots  of Love & Wellness


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