How To Make Your Home A Sanctuary Of Love


If there’s one thing I have learnt over the years of living a vibrant lifestyle it is the importance of the energy and environment you put yourself in. We don’t always have total control over what energy we find ourselves in.. say at work, the shopping centre, a crowded room.. However your home is a place that you can create the energy you wish to be in and feel. When you come home you want to feel like it is your safe place, filled with peace, calm, bliss,  your own sanctuary of love. Well that’s how I feel anyway! I’ve always been very sensitive to energy, so I find myself able to walk into a room and just sense if it feels “right”. Here I will share the ways I have cleared the energy in my own home so it feels warm, loving and the energy is free-flowing. feng shui

Smudging with sage:

Smudging with sage is an ancient and sacred ceremony , an indigenous American tradition.  It  allows you to effect the world of  spiritual energies using the spirits of powerful, healing plants.  If you have ever worked with yoga or meditation, you will understand that your body, and indeed, the spaces that you occupy, vibrate with invisible energy currents that can be strongly effected by outside forces, both physical and spiritual.

Smudging allows you to wash away all the emotional and spiritual negativity that gathers in your body and your space over time.

You can burn sage in all the rooms in your house focusing on the corners especially as this is where stagnant energy can get stuck. Make sure you have windows open in each room to let the smoke out and the old  unwanted energy.

Have the intention or say a prayer that as you smudge all the unwanted energy that does not serve you will be cleared and replaced with love and light.

Clearing with Crystals :

I love Crystals! Not only are they beautiful and all so unique, each one holds a different energy and can be used for so many different reasons and intentions. I believe that bringing crystals into my house brings with them a loving energy, especially the crystals you are specifically drawn to. Crystals will find their way to you if they are meant to, crystal shopping is so fun, you can just see which crystal catches your eye, then bring it home and place somewhere in your house that you feel would benefit.

Lighting Candles:

Candle light is so soothing, I find it very important to help the body wind down in the evening and relax. Have a healthy benefit on our hormones and cortisol levels. It brings a very homely feeling into the home, and everyone in the house will feeled relaxing, which encourages peaceful, relaxed loving energy.

heaven 2

De Clutter: Space and open space is where energy flows, clutter, stuffed drawers, all encourage stagnant energy. If you want to bring new things into your life, the old has to be cleared out to make space for it. To make space for love and light and positive vibrations a great way is to do a good old clear out, of unwanted things, organising paperwork, tidying out the junk drawer and going through your clothes. I do this regularly in my home and it always feels great. I feel so creative and ready for the new once I do this. You’ll feel your mind clearer too, and any stuck energy in the body will be free. I believe our outer environment reflects our inner. Burning oils: Essential oils are brilliant at lifting our moods, they can uplift us, relax us, energise us and calm us. I find that burning them around the house brings a spa feeling to your home, not only will it smell beautiful but you will feel like you have your own sanctuary and the energy in the house will love it. Fill it with life: Flowers and plants bring fresh oxygen into your home and they bring colour and life. They can really help lift the energy and create a beautiful environment. They smell good too and remind us of spring and summer which lights us up. Fill it with beauty: What do you find beautiful ? What colours do you love? What do you like to look at? This is important to surround ourselves with beauty, I do this with fresh flowers, and I am drawn to pastel decor and beautiful pictures on the wall. When you step into your home and are greeted by all the things you find beautiful you will feel happy and this happiness will fill your home. heaven 3 

Remember your work/office space:

Tidy your paperwork, keep it organised. Write a to do list, this is great for your mind and your office energy. Place beautiful things on your desk, flowers, photos, crystals. You will find you can work much better with energy free-flowing around you.


Be aware of the energy you bring into your home, from  a hard day, an argument, we all have those days, we are human. For me the best thing I can do is have a warm bath, water is great at clearing energy from the body. Meditate, just a quick meditation for 10 minutes will help you release any energy you wish to let go of. A hug, a hug from a friend or a loved one is a great way of shifting your energy to love and two people radiating out love is stronger than just one 🙂

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