Valentines Treats

Strawberry cream heart


Valentines is a few days away and I love Valentines day!

I know people say it’s a made up day and  just about buying cards, presents and chocolates. But I think any day that symbolises LOVE is a good thing!

Yes you can show your love any day of the year, it doest have to be just on Valentines… however if it encourages us to stop and remember how important love is and to show it and share it, it’s a winner for me 🙂

I’m not talking love from just a romantic partner, but love for everybody, your family, friends, pets.. and for yourself! I always recommend lots of self love every day.

The whole vibration of  love combined will be felt everywhere. Let’s all raise it TOGETHER everyday!

Sooo what have you got planned?

Cooking for your loved ones? A day of self-love?

Me and my love are staying in and going to cook up a storm! A healthy one of course 😉

Here are a collection of my favourite Valentines treats! some great idea’s if you want to show yourself some self-love or someone else..  Try one of these or two 😉

The Juice Of Love  – Green is also the colour of love! Heart Chakra 🙂

Minty Beetroot Boost

Chia Chocolate Berry Smoothie Bowl

Chocolate & Beetroot Cupcakes

Berry Bliss Bars

The Perfect Pancakes

Sweet Potato Chocolate Mousse

Cherry Chocolate Brownies

Raspberry Icecream Hearts


Todays Soul Food :


Lots  of Love & Wellness


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