Are You Playing Hide & Seek With Your Flow?

soul journey

Are you playing hide and seek with your flow?

I know I was for a while. However I found its little hiding place and we have been reunited once again.

Welcome back flow ūüôā I missed you. Why did you hide ? Tell me.

I tuned in and meditated on this question, and I got a whole lot of information that I want to share with you.

We are told by so many people do MORE , take ACTION, STRIVE for more. This is where the happiness is.. at the end of the goal, at the end of the road, at the end of a struggle..

I don’t agree.

Okay so it can get a bit confusing… I’m not saying don’t take action, don’t have goals, as these are all part of us growing as human beings.. However goals and action can be done in a more LOVING way.

A way which won’t make your flow run off and hide..

It needs to feel good! The journey towards the goal has to feel good, otherwise what is the point?

You are going after your dreams and your desires but it just feels like a struggle, the fun and love of it has disappeared and you wonder why you are even doing this anymore?



Okay we need to connect and we need to let the mind/brain have a little holiday for a while, we are going to get back in connection with our HEART. Our hearts desires!

Hold your hand on your heart, sit silently somewhere quiet and ¬†tune in. Ask your heart what it desires and really listen, FEEL, allow what needs to come up, and be released. Sit for 5 – 10 minutes having a lovely little chat with your heart, however it’s a little one-sided as I want you just to listen ūüėČ

Write down what came up for you. Don’t judge it, it could be anything. Just write. RELEASE.

You see your flow comes from your heart.

It doesn’t come from the to do list, or the pushing, or the pulling, or the DOING. It comes from the BEING.

When you remember to connect to your heart and soul, and really listen to them, that is where your FLOW is hiding my love.

As always it’s about balance, a BALANCE between doing and being. Finding your OWN unique balance.

When you are tuned into your hearts desires and not the ones you THINK you should have, but your true, true desires. This is where the dreams and goals really flow.

They will feel good, you will feel good about them, they will feel TRUE to you.

So take that Flow into your actions, your goals, always take your heart with you and really listen. It will always have your back ūüôā

Lots  of Love & Wellness


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