What’s This All About?


Everything feel’s different…

Can you feel it ? What is going on ? Who Am I ? I can’t cope.

I thought I had it all under control. (ahh yes control.. we’ll get back to that later 😉

I don’t know about you.. but every single person I have spoken to including myself is feeling deeply challenged by lots of things coming up for them.

It is the time of REBIRTH my friends :

This could mean  old emotions, patterns, belief’s and fears coming up for you. The good news is it is coming up to be cleared. There is a light at the end of this tunnel love’s, I promise! Lets all hang in together.


It’s a time where we are being made to face the changes we need to make. We are being called to take responsibility for ourselves, our actions, our thoughts our lives!

This could be :

  • Food
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Fitness
  • Spirituality

This energy we are feeling is very much saying , if you want to feel differently.. then YOU have to take the ACTION, it is up to you, only you have the power to change what you feel needs changing. To grow in the direction you want to grow in.

Yes there is such a thing as LOVING ACTION 🙂 It’s what I teach. It does not have to be hard!


Scary huh! yes we like control. Letting go of control scares the poop out of me, I’m a Virgo, I’ll be honest with you, it’s what us Virgo’s do!

However we are being shown that control, and wanting to be certain of every little thing is not going to happen, nope, it’s just not..

To be in our heart’s, following our heart’s, going with the flow, being open to receiving from the universe abundantly, we need to LET GO.

Say it with me now lettttt goooooo.

I believe this is something we are all feeling and yes  it can bring up a wide range of emotions, especially the tighter we hold our grip, not wanting to let go, the more we resist the more those emotions will persist.

Breath beautiful, everything is going to be okay.


This year especially I believe that it is so important to connect, we thrive on connection as human beings, and with the shift that is happening we need our tribes more than ever.

It is time to be very aware of the people around you, who you spend your time with. The energy you are in. The energy you put yourself in. Find Your tribe! Join a group, follow your hobbies,  be with those that make you feel amazing, loved, connected.

Connect, connect, connect to others that resonate with you!

Are you getting the calling?

Watch my video here:

and most of ALL.


Tune into yourself, get quiet, meditate, take that time for you, it’s important. As deep down in the peace and quiet are the answers your searching for beautiful.It’s there, you just need to give yourself enough space to silent those frantic thoughts, the to do list and those fears to hear and FEEL the loving voice underneath with all the wisdom it wants to share with you. Especially in this changing time.

So what is it about? It’s about letting go of the old, welcoming the new, becoming the best version of yourself whilst loving and accepting who you are right now. It’s about knowing that everything will always work out for you perfectly and that this clearing of the old is a god send to all of us. To embrace these emotions and feelings as they make you stronger, wiser and YOU.

Connect with me if you need help on your journey. I am here for you xx

Lots  of Love & Wellness


If you are interested in Health Coaching just contact me on my website through the consultation page.

Holistic Health Coach at Hooked on Health
Working with Women to reach their ideal weight, awaken their passion and spark for life.


  • Or if you are interested in getting started on your own Health Goals and Weight  loss journey with a one-on-one consultation contact me at info@hookedonhealth.co.uk

2 thoughts on “What’s This All About?

  1. Elizabeth Goulding says:

    H Sarah,

    Thanks for tonights workshop. Sorry if I seemed a little deranged – feeling a bit off kilter today (even more than usual lol!) Also a surprise to see Simone there; sometimes it is difficult to open up around someone you already kind of know… if you know what I mean.

    Anyway, thanks again, I got a lot out of it, and I will be back 🙂

    • Hooked on Health says:

      Thanks so much for coming! Had a great night with you all. Emotions are good! No judgement here 🙂 The universe works in mysterious ways.. I believe the dynamic was for a reason, as always 🙂 I’m really glad you got lots from it too. xxxx

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