Beautiful Beings – Alissa Pemberton

alissa p

Welcome to another Beautiful Beings Interview! I am so excited to introduce the lovely Alissa, her mother earth nature is really inspirational to me and she is such a beautiful soul with passion and determination. She does a lot for her community and is fantastic at bringing people together and connecting.

1. Where do you live in this wonderful world at the moment ?

I live just outside Milton Keynes in a little village with my lovely girlfriend.

2. What do you do for “work” ?

I work at Community Action: MK, helping voluntary groups, charities and co-operatives make their communities happier and healthier places.

 Tell us a little about your beautiful unique self:

I love being close to nature and enjoying simple things like walking and cooking vegetarian food. I love growing my own fruit and veg and collecting seeds – I probably have far too many!

3. What are your unique talents & gifts?

I’m quite good at remembering the latin names of plants. I studied Horticulture and love plants and trees.

4. What does being healthy mean to you?

To me being healthy means having a good relationship with your body, treating it with care, love and celebrating yourself. It also means finding happiness and contentment in the small things, helping others and being interested in the world around you.

5. What makes you feel alive?

I love to dance and roller skate. I also love gardening – there’s nothing like the feeling of sowing seeds, propagating plants, harvesting or just sitting back and watching the birds to make me feel alive.

6. What breakfast gets you off to a flying start?

I’m a huge porridge fan and it has to be organic oats and organic milk. If I’m feeling excitable I’ll add some dried cherries and sprinkle a bit of coconut sugar on top.

7. What would be your perfect day?

Spending time with my girlfriend and family, visiting a beautiful garden or arboretum, finding a quirky, organic and vegetarian place to eat, wandering round an art gallery and relaxing with a good book and a hot chocolate.

8. What’s your top 3 foods that make you feel vibrant?

  • I love foraging – anything picked wild makes me feel great.
  • I’m a big fan of Rooibos. I gave up caffeine recently and it’s been a life saver.
  • I love homegrown herbs too, mint and basil are my favourites.

9. What’s your favourite nourishing recipe to share with us ?

I don’t really use recipes – I like to just busk a meal from whatever I have to hand, especially if I’ve just been to the farmers market. There’s something really satisfying about making a meal with whatever you’ve been able to get your hands on. One thing I have used a recipe for though is cauliflower and almond soup. It’s incredible and will turn any cauliflower haters on. We should eat more cauliflower, it’s a great vegetable and in season pretty much all year round.

10. What are your top tips for happiness, health & balance?

I think being part of something bigger is a really key thing. Getting together with others to make a difference to your community and the world makes you feel good. It can be a real safe anchor when your inner life is doing it’s own thing.

11. Do you have a favourite quote or mantra ?

Love is love’s reward.

12. What message do you want to share ?

Be kind to yourself and others and think big. This is only one version of how things could be. Spend time in nature, she’s our only teacher.

13. What is the most influential thing have you learnt on this beautiful journey called life so far?

My biggest influences have been the philosopher John Grey, the documentary maker Adam Curtis, the poet Mary Oliver and the visionary Satish Kumar. Being deeply suspicious of Humanism can be a bit challenging but I find spending time with trees to help.

 14. Where can we find you?

Community Action

Linked In


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