How To Stay Vibrant This Christmas

Stick Christmas tree

Okay, Okay you don’t have to be perfect!  😉

Christmas is here for us to celebrate, be grateful for our loved ones and most of all for sharing Love, Joy and Laughter!

We are only human so try not to stress about all those sugary tempting foods all around this time of year!

My Top tip : Breathe!!!

  • Close your eyes, feel your feet firmly on the ground, ground yourself in the moment and feel your roots strong and powerful. Once you feel in your power and rooted into the earth ,relaxed and connected with your inner guide make your food choices from there.

Here are some more of my top tips so you can keep your cool and feel super hot!

  1. Drink lots of water, stay hydrated.
  2. Add Lemon to your water, this will help to alkalise and boost your digestive fire.
  3. Make this super skin boosting tonic.
  4. Fill up on the good stuff! Focus on organic meats/protein’s and vegetables to be your plate filler. The greener the better 🙂 Less room for the sugary stuff.
  5. Move your body! Do some yoga, go for a short run, dance with your niece/nephew, grandson, brother, dad, (you get me ) .. get the blood flowing baby.
  6. Try some of my healthy holiday recipes to satisfy that sweet tooth.
  7. Have Fun! Most of all Relax and Enjoy!

Wishing you a Magical Christmas and a Vibrantly Healthy New year!


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