Beautiful Beings – Amanda Flaker

Hi Lovelies!

Another Beautiful Beings Friday.

I love the energy of Friday’s!  Playful & Light 🙂

I am honoured to introduce Amanda Flaker from Chakra Centre. She is a shining light of love and I was drawn to her energy over Facebook, I enjoyed a soul reading from her over Skype which was a great turning point for me in following my bliss. I have been contributing to her website with healthy recipes over the last year.

She is a talented writer and another lovely inspiring soul following her heart :

amanda flaker

1. Where do you live in this wonderful  world at the moment ?

I am currently in Utah, but have lived/traveled all over the world. I’ll be back in Italy sometime in 2014.

2. What do you do for “work” ?

I write. One thing I love about my life is being able to get paid to do something I love. Currently I am a freelance writer so I do work for many publications, including Tasting and Traveling magazine, book blogs (I write reviews for Middle Grade books), and I write copy for different companies. I am in the process working on my first novel, so it’s an exciting time in my life. I also do intuitive reading/meditation elixirs as well, but that is something more of inspired passion than “work.” In addition, my website, Chakra Center, is in the process of transformation. I can’t really reveal much about what it will be now, but I’m excited about offering more magic/beauty to the world!

3. What are your unique talents & gifts?

I feel like I’m still discovering them, but one of the ways I’ve always processed and understood the world around me is through writing and using my intuition.

4. What does being healthy mean to you?

Feeling good. It doesn’t always mean you look exactly the way society tells you to look, or you have everything you desire, but it’s about feeling joyous about life!

5. What makes you feel alive?
 I feel most alive when I have a sense of magic and mystery about my life. I don’t like always knowing exactly what will happen or having my routine be predictable. Writing does that for me (especially when I’m writing fiction). Life to me needs to feel enchanting, or I get quite bored with it.

6. What breakfast gets you off to a flying start?

Smoothies! I feel so alive and energized with fresh fruit blended up like a slushy ice cream in the morning! Lately I’ve been loving mango/banana/coconut milk with a dash of cayenne pepper. Divine!

7. What would be your perfect day?

Waking up early with a warm herbal tea elixir, fog on the mountains (in the Fall, of course), spending the entire day lost in writing.

8. What’s your top 3 foods that make you feel vibrant?

Raw chocolate (it truly does something magical for me), bananas, and lemon water.

9. What’s your favourite nourishing recipe to share with us?

This is not mine, but one of my absolute favorites:

Spicy Pad Thai Noodles

10. What are your top tips for happiness, health & balance?

1. Always check-in with your heart (don’t do anything that doesn’t feel right)
2. Do what makes you come alive
3. Pay it forward.

11. Do you have a favourite quote or mantra ? 

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ― Harold Whitman

12. What message do you want to share ?

There is so many valuable lessons in this life, but I suppose one of the most crucial things that I’m still learning is that loving yourself and others without conditions is the secret to enlightenment. Love is the answer. It always has been.

13. Where can we find you?





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