Beautiful Beings – Rande Moss

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Another beautiful being interview, I am so excited to introduce you to Rande! She has inspired me with her amazing recipes for a good few years now. We both seem to be on agreement, the greener the better 😉

Her recipes are always so creative and nourishing. I followed Rande’s 3 month Juice cleanse last year and it was very inspirational. The power of juicing !  She is a true Health Junkie and I love her for it :

Where do you live in this wonderful world at the moment?

Seattle, Washington

What do you do for “work”?

I’m a server at a gorgeous, mostly raw juice bar/vegan restaurant.

Tell us a little about your beautiful unique self:

According to my blog bio:  Twenty-Something. Vegetable-Obsessed Foodie. Yoga Lover. Singer of Showtunes. Introverted Bookworm. Collector of Skin Decor. Seattle Dweller. Detox Nerd. I enjoy eating salads the size of my head and I’m attached at the hip to my juicer and my fiancee (wedding is September 13th!)

What are your unique talents & gifts?

I feel somehow unique in my commitment to health in all aspects. Is juicing a talent? I also sing and sometimes feel good at it.

What does being healthy mean to you?

Fully and blissfully inhabiting my body and feeling like myself.

What makes you feel alive?

Juice feasting. A really good conversation. Connection. Being on stage during a really good performance.

What breakfast gets you off to a flying start?

The greenest green juice you can imagine!

What would be your perfect day?

Waking up with my fiancee and no alarm clock, the two of us going to yoga, getting coffee or veggie juice, the farmers market, a hike and making a gorgeous dinner with all our market goodies. We try to make every Sunday like this.

What are your top 3 foods that make you feel vibrant?

greens, avocados, wheatgrass.

What’s your favourite nourishing recipe to share with us?

Chocolate Coated Wheatgrass Shot

Chocolate Coated Wheagrass Shot

  • 2 cups water
  • 2 bags of chocolate flavored tea (herbal would be preferable but chocolate mate’ is what I had which is slightly caffeinated)
  • 2 cubes of frozen wheatgrass
  • 1 dropperful NuNaturals Cocoa Stevia
  • 1 dropperful NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia
  • AND (the bit that does make it quite decadent):
  • A heaping spoonful of cocoa powder (optional)

Heat the water and steep the tea bags- I put it in the fridge until it’s cooled so that it’s just barely warm enough to melt the wheatgrass. Test with your finger to make sure it’s not too hot. Add remaining ingredients and stir till cocoa is dissolved and wheatgrass is liquified.

Variation: Replace on bag of chocolate tea with a bag of peppermint tea for a peppermint-cocoa blend!

What are your top tips for happiness, health & balance?

Keeping everything clear physically and mentally. For me this looks like clearing out mental clutter with yoga and meditation and clearing out physical clutter with veggie juice, a mostly raw diet, and colon cleansing.

Do you have a favourite quote or mantra?

“Cleanse the heart and the body will follow. Cleanse the body and the heart will follow.” – Natalia Rose

What message do you want to share?

It’s so much easier to be present and connected with yourself if your body is clean and the energy is flowing well. It’s not all about the food *but* the food and physical cleansing stuff can be an important gateway to more spiritual pursuits and/or just generally feeling happier and freer.

What is the most influential thing you have learnt on this beautiful journey called life so far?

That we as humans are naturally joyful and loving and if that’s not our experience, we just have to figure out what (whether it be physical, mental, whatever) is in the way and remove it.

Where can we find you?





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