Beautiful Beings – Miss Eco Glam

I’m so excited to introduce you to the lovely Anna Rodgers aka Miss Eco Glam.

She has inspired me for a long while now, I was drawn to her blog and all the great information she shares, how she overcame her health challenges  and her strong passion for healthy, toxic-free living . I am so happy to introduce you to her :

Anna & Lola


Where do you live in this wonderful world at the moment?

I live in Forest Row, East Sussex, which is a beautiful leafy village with lots of eco people and organic farms.  There’s even the biggest Rudolf Steiner school In Europe here. Sadly though its possibly about to be ‘fracked’ so I don’t know how much longer we would live here for if it goes ahead.  Fracking can potentially pollute the water and also the air, which means cancers could increase.  I don’t want my daughter to have to grow up so close to all of this. So if it cannot be stopped we may have to move.

What do you do for “work”?
I am a journalist and an author. I’ve got a website called missecoglam.  I try to educate people about being healthy, in particular highlighting the dangers of the chemicals we are exposed to. People don’t know nearly enough about them, or what they can do to avoid their exposure and what supplements they can take to get rid of the chemicals they do have. I am on a mission to tell people about it all.
Tell us a little about your beautiful unique self:
oooo it’s hard to not giggle reading this, it’s not usual that we think of our ourselves as beautiful and unique is it? Most can relate to feeling inadequate due to being bullied/teased at school and having bad childhoods so it’s a big deal to say, maybe it is true!  maybe I AM beautiful and unique! I certainly try to inspire that in others too as far too many of us don’t like ourselves.  And that alone can cause one big unhappy life!
I guess whats unique about me is that I am sharing my story about what happened in my life to help others.  I became very sick and depressed through toxic exposure and also suffered from a very unhappy childhood.  This is not that rare for many people either which is why many can relate to me, when they suffer a lot of stress, it means their bodies systems break down and they aren’t able to keep toxins out of their body. When the liver suffers too, it means that it can’t do its job properly and all hell breaks loose in the body and sickness and depression can set in.
I am an extreme case of course, as I had a very big exposure to Lead when I was young, but what happened to me quite suddenly is happening to many people, but very slowly over time through toxic chemicals accumulating in their bodies.  So I guess what makes me ‘beautiful’ is that I am so concerned about it that I care enough about perfect strangers and of course my loved ones, to learn from me and try and understand why so many people are becoming sick and dying of things that are due to chemicals in our environment.
 What are your unique  talents & gifts?
hmmm maybe just to be a writer that has a very ‘down to earth’ and ‘friendly’ tone which is why people seem to like what I am doing?  I think one of my gifts is that I have ‘been there and done that’ been to hell and back I suppose, so that when I am talking to others going through similar things, it gives them a sense of understanding and motivation that if I could beat what happened to me, so can they.  My depression was so bad, that I attempted suicide several times and nearly died on a few of them. I really shouldn’t be here by any means except fate!
 What does being healthy mean to you?

It means feeling great, thinking great and treating others well. When we are healthy, we are happy, when we are happy, we are kind to others and when we are kind, we have wonderful and abundant lives. Toxins affect every aspect of this. If we have too many in our bodies and brains it can make us feel unwell, and that we aren’t capable of thinking clearly or in a balanced manner. And this then leads to not being able to be good to others because we aren’t going to be functioning the way we are actually designed to do.

 What makes you feel alive?
Being with my daughter Lola, and watching her enjoy nature and to laugh and to find simple things wonderful.  I love watching her walk around and chatter to herself with her baby talk that only she can understand.  Children really show you what its like to have no ego, no worries and to just love simple things. I learn a lot from her every day!
 What breakfast gets you off to a flying start?

This morning I had banana and peanut butter ice cream and chopped up bananas with some cocoa powder sprinkled on the top, I have to say that it’s given me a flying start today! delicious!

 What would be your perfect day?

This is the extreme dream version – I would wake up with Lola and hubby on an island somewhere beautiful (Tahiti!) then we would have a beautiful tropical fruit breakfast by our gorgeous hut over the water. Then we would have a swim together and then hubby would take Lola off to play somewhere whilst I had a 3 or 4 hour (!) spa treatment followed by a swim with dolphins in the sea.  Then a lovely walk along the beach with hubby and Lola, talking and looking at the sunset.  Then we would have a beautiful healthy organic dinner by the water. Then lying under the stars, then bedtime!  oh god I want to go there right now lol!

What’s your top 3 foods that make you feel vibrant?
Mango, coconut and papaya! I just love those!!
What’s your favourite nourishing recipe to share with us?
I absolutely adore fruit soups. They are so easy to make. You basically make a thin smoothie base with something like pineapple, mango blended up, then you chop up some banana, papaya, strawberries and throw on the top, then you can even top it with some passionfruit.  That’s it! SO yummy!
What are your top tips for happiness, health & balance?
Keep toxins out of your body, by using a regular detox product like Pure Body by Touchstone Essentials, eating well with organic wholefoods and keeping mind healthy by forgiving people who’ve hurt you and sorting out childhood issues (which most of us still carry around to this day). And to never give up on learning about the world and what we can do to help others.
Do you have a favourite quote or mantra?

‘We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors – we borrow it from our children’

What message do you want to share?

That if you care about health, you really need to understand about the silent epidemic that is affecting us all – the onslaught of chemicals from our environment. People have to understand that we come into contact with at least 90,000 toxic untested for safety chemicals EACH YEAR. And that we must take something that is proven to help remove lots of those chemicals. Too many people ‘eat well and exercise and live clean’ but don’t actually realise their bodies are still affected by so many chemicals – this is why so many so-called ‘healthy’ people are dying of cancers. Their bodies are still carrying around a whole load of chemicals that cannot be dealt with by the body.

Whats is the most influential thing you have learnt on this beautiful journey called life so far?
That life IS what you make it, it’s ALL about how you think!
Where can we find you ?
Please keep an eye out for my free book ‘Ten Ways To Become Less Toxic – FAST’ which you can get if you subscribe to my site.

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