Plastic.. Fantastic..? I think not!


I am loving my new water bottle!

I’ve been making a big effort at avoiding plastic’s as much as I can, and now carrying my filtered water in this lovely bottle.

This one is made by Klean Kanteen  and made of stainless steel. So no plastic!  BPA Free and much better for my body and the environment 🙂

It’s great quality and made to last, the price of £15 was certainly worth it. I bought the 800ml bottle, which is perfect for my morning workouts and carrying around with me on the go, making sure i stay hydrated. I got mine from Urban Yoga online, who are a UK Distributor. They have a great selection and so many different colours to choose from. They don’t however do the kid’s bottles, which you can get from here.  My little niece has one and she loves it!

Why I avoid Plastic :

  • Research suggests that plastics may leach chemicals if they’re scratched or heated. Research also strongly suggests that at certain exposure levels, some of the chemicals in these products, such as bisphenol A (BPA), may cause cancer in people.
  • BPA is a weak synthetic estrogen found in many rigid plastic products, food and formula can linings, dental sealants, and on the shiny side of paper cashier receipts (to stabilize the ink). Its estrogen-like activity makes it a hormone disruptor, like many other chemicals in plastics.
  • Hormone disruptors can affect how estrogen and other hormones act in the body, by blocking them or mimicking them, which throws off the body’s hormonal balance.
  • BPA also seems to affect brain development in the womb. In 2011, a study found that pregnant women with high levels of BPA in their urine were more likely to have daughters who showed signs of hyperactivity, anxiety, and depression. The symptoms were seen in girls as young as 3. It’s not clear why boys aren’t affected in the same way.

As well as being able to increase the risk of cancer! The fact that plastic also messes with our hormones and can create estrogen dominance which is linked to many health issues :

  • Acne
  • Weight problems
  • Endometriosis
  • Digestive Issues

Our hormones are so important and keeping them balanced is Key to good health!

Here are some more ways to avoid plastic:

  1. Avoid canned foods
  2. Don’t cook food in plastic 
  3. Use Glass containers to store food – Instead of plastic Tupperware containers, chose metal or glass food storage. Glass mason jars are great for storing bulk items like beans, grains, and nuts.
  4. Choose reusable. You don’t need plastic forks and spoons in your lunchbox, use metal utensils from your own utensil drawer instead.
  5. Get rid of plastic cooking utensils. Ditch the plastic tools like spatulas and serving spoons in favor of wooden ones.
  6. Bring your own bag to the supermarket or farmers market.
  7. Buy dishwasher detergent that comes in a cardboard box. Dishwasher detergent often comes in a plastic container. Skip the plastic and opt for the powdered stuff in a cardboard box.
  8. Skip the nonstick. Did you know that the nonstick coating on pots and pans is actually plastic? Instead of nonstick, choose cast iron or stainless steel so you can cook plastic free!


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