My Summer Juice Cleanse


I recently completed The Clean Program 3 week cleanse and it went really well.

I really enjoyed having 2 x shakes/smoothies a day, and one main meal for lunch, I’ve always preferred drinking my food mostly! So I found it really easy.. It’s much easier to eat lighter too now that we are out of the cold months, so naturally I find myself wanting less heavy meals, so smoothies are perfect!

It was great preparation for my Summer juice cleanse too.


I do a juice cleanse with every season, even though The Clean Program was a great rest for my digestion and a cleanse in itself,  I really enjoy my juice cleanse’s and thought it would be great to combine the 2, one after the other.

Resting our digestion is great for healing, rejuvenation, and I have lots going on at the moment, it gives me even more energy and clarity to be able to do all that I want to do!

I’ve been loving coconut water,  and this Juice cleanse has had plenty of it added to my juices for extra hydration.


Some of the Juices I enjoyed were:

  • Coconut water, apple, spinach & parsley.
  • Carrot, Beetroot & coconut water.
  • Coconut water & spirulina.
  • Coconut water, cacao powder & lucuma (what a treat)

IMG_5910 IMG_5757  IMG_5735 IMG_5708 IMG_5724 IMG_5654

I usually do at least a 3 day juice cleanse, and then just listen to my body and see where it takes me, usually between 3 – 10 days..

This one was 6 days, and I am really ready for a lovely big salad with avocado!

As always a juice cleanse resets my appreciation for true hunger, lighter simpler meals, and brings awareness to portion size and listening to your digestion, not eating till your over full, but just right.

I love the results I get for body, mind and spirit on a juice cleanse, it’s such a refreshing reboot.

Warning : You will probably want to start throwing things out! You naturally start to de-clutter your life as you body lightens up and you de-clutter your body from toxins and old waste/emotions.


I broke my cleanse with some juicy melon!



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