Day 3 Of The Clean Program

I’m doing the Clean Program, as I mentioned in my  last post.


It’s a 3 weeks cleanse, and I will be updating my experiences throughout  the next 21 days!

Day 3 !

I’m doing the cleanse from the book and so taking my own supplements as close to what the book recommends..

Supplements I’m taking:

Touchstones supergreens +d  x 2 capsules

digestive enzymes x 1 with lunch time meal

probiotics x 1 with evening shake

multi vitamin x 1 with morning shake

dandelion tea throughout the day

Energy & Movement:

I managed a little 30 minute workout this morning, I love moving my body in the morning and my energy was good once i got moving, I did wake up very hungry and a little heavy. I’ve been very productive through the day and my mind feels more free.. as my digestive load is lighter. I do feel my hunger rise up before each shake or meal.. and recognising emotional hunger coming up more in the evenings.


Bowel movements are good,  ordered the natural calm magnesium from amazon, so waiting for that to arrive to add to my evening water. I will also be adding in coffee enema’s if needed…

What I’m adding to my shakes:

sunwarrior protein powder vanilla x 1 scoop

maca x 1 tsp

inner glow beauty powder x 1/2 tsp

chia seeds x 1 tbsp

hemp seeds x 1tbsp

Usual base for shake :

coconut water




greens – spinach/lettuce

Additional foods I’m avoiding:



raw cacao

( I have had tests run on these and unfortunately they are coming up as a food sensitivity for now, so have cut them out aswell as the elimination diet in the book, sad because I miss my lemon water and adding coconut in my smoothies and veggie dishes, but it is worth it for even more energy! )


Day 1:

a.m :Pint of Green smoothie

Lunch : Salmon and a Green Salad with Hummus

p.m: Pint of Green smoothie

Day 2:

a.m: Pint of Green Smoothie

Lunch: Quinoa Salad

p.m : Pint of Green Smoothie

Day 3:

a.m : Pint of Green Smoothie

Lunch: Left over quinoa salad from yesterday with mackerel.

p.m : butternut squash soup


Detox Symptoms:

Day 1 : A little headache and achy muscles and glands

Day 2: Little breakout, but could be hormonal because started period this day.

Day 3: a little less energy than usual.. but feeling lighter in body & mind

So far so good! being a perfectionist I would love to use the kit just so I know I have all the supplements covered, however I live in the UK.

Looking forward to the next 18 days, in positive spirits 🙂

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