The Clean Program – 21 days of Detox

I’ve decided to embark on a little detox.. I love a good cleanse, especially with each season change.

It will be for the most of June!

My usual choice of cleansing is my trusty green juice cleanse, which always makes me feel amazing!


However I’ve been reading a book called Clean  by Dr Alejandro Junger, and have heard so many raving reviews from people who have completed the 21 day cleanse, that  I’ve been wanting to give it a go myself for a while now.


Gywenth Paltrow is a fan, and she has just brought out a cook book with the Elimination diet from the program in mind.


As you can probably tell from my previous posts, I love trying out lots of different “diet” theories to see what my body works and feels great on.

The Clean program is a cleanse you can buy online it comes with all the supplements you need and sachets for the shakes you will have for your morning breakfast.

Unfortunately, the cleanse isn’t available in the Uk yet… so I will be following the instructions in the book and putting my own cleanse together.

There are lots of supplements that come with the boxed program.

clean kit

A quick outline of the cleanse is following an elimination diet.. which is pretty close to what I’m already eating, but I will  avoiding Eggs and seafood, bananas,tomatoes, citrus and some nuts.

These will be my shopping list 🙂 I for the most part avoid grains and follow a Paleo way of eating I guess, although I only eat fish.. I don’t really like to give myself a Label, I just eat what makes me feel good!

I will be experimenting with brown rice and a few of the other gluten-free grains whilst on the cleanse and see how it sits with me and my digestion 😉

If your interested take a look here and see if it’s a cleanse you’d like to try!

I will updating you with how I’m getting on!

Excited to start!


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