Healthy Digestion For More Energy

Digestion is key to health in my eyes. Our tummy’s should be looked after, as it’s where we absorb our food all the goodness, vitamins and minerals in the food we eat.


You see even if you are eating the healthiest diet, if you’re not digesting and absorbing the food your eating efficiently, you will notice this in not experiencing the best health, maybe tiredness, feeling bloated, skin problems, low energy, and many more symptoms.

Digestive health is the key to increasing your energy and feeling more alive.

I have a few tips on how to encourage a more efficient digestive system :

  • Stay hydrated – water is so important for healthy bowels, helps with constipation. Drink clean filtered water through out the day. I start with a lemon water, and try to drink 2 pints before I start my day.
  • Movement – move your body, walking, running, rebounding, yoga any form of exercise stimulates the digestion, gets the lymph moving and provides the body with more oxygen. All great for digestion.
  • Greensjuice, smoothies, salads, soups. Get your greens in, helps the body let go of waste, high in magnesium which is essential for great digestion too.
  • Food Combining – okay so this one may take a little practise, but i assure you your digestion will love you! The key is to eat fruit on its own, separate protein from starch meals, so tuna on that sweet potato ..would take the body longer to digest than say a sweet potato with veggies, or tuna with salad. This is a basic overview, give it a go!
  • Probiotics – take a good probiotic, eat fermented foods as much as you can, I love sauerkraut, kombucha and kefir.
  • 70% full – Don’t eat until you can’t eat anymore, leave a little room for digestion, we often overeat, I still do sometimes, being aware is a good first step, to eat until you are comfortable will help your digestion so much.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – add this to salads, or water. Great for digestion and alkalising the body!
  • Gluten ? – try going without gluten for a week, see how you feel..
  • Soaked Nuts & Grains – soaking nuts and grains before you eat or cook them helps with digestibility x 1o0! Nuts and grains have a coating that can irritate the gut, it’s a toxin that the grain/nut has to protect itself in nature. Soaking nuts/seeds and grains over night improves the nutrition too.
  • Eat 2 – 3 hrs  before bed–  Going to bed with a full tummy is not only uncomfortable, but stops the body from cleansing the body and regenerating ,as it has to work so hard on digesting instead. Digestion slows down the later it gets, and you are missing out on quality beauty sleep if your body can’t do it’s job properly whilst you sleep. You will find you wake up feeling much more refreshed if you eat at least 2-3 hrs before you sleep, and preferably before 8pm.
  • Quality Sleep –  Yes, sleep is good, but good quality sleep is better! I go to bed between 9 and 10pm, the hours before 12pm are the most important, these hours hold the most rest, repair and detoxification. We need energy for digestion, so if your body is tired, your digestion will be sluggish, and you will more than likely have cravings from sleep deprivation.
  • Grounding yourself –  being outside, fresh air, nature, is all great for your digestion and overall wellbeing. Try taking your shoes off and connecting to the earth.


Enjoy :)

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