Kefir & Smoothies

I’ve been experimenting with fermented food and natural probiotic foods in the last month or so for healing digestive problems and Leaky Gut.

I have made home-made Sauerkraut, which I love!!  I am in the process of making Kombucha, which is still fermenting as we speak, it can take 2 weeks and because of the cold weather here in the UK, it seems to be taking a bit longer.. but I’ll let you know how it turns out.

The easiest of all has been Milk Kefir.

Okay so I am experimenting with Raw Dairy, I have always avoided Dairy as the pasteurized stuff is just not good because of all the hormones and antibiotics it comes with, and my body certainly doesn’t like it.

I’ve read a lot  about Raw milk in the past and I know that it is much more beneficial for those that can tolerate it, as it has its own enzymes for digestion of the lactose, it contains many vitamins and minerals and you can make Kefir out of it!

The Benefits of Kefir:

Kefir is very beneficial to gut health and is full of beneficial organisms which colonize your gut. That is why it is so important to include kefir if you are trying to  restore your intestinal flora or if  you are recovering from a serious illness or being treated with antibiotics.

Milk fermented with kefir grains is actually made a lot more digestible, so even lactose intolerant people can drink it.

Kefir is rich in tryptophan, and essential amino acid (building block of protein) that is responsible for keeping the nervous system healthy. I drink a cup of kefir before bed to ensure a good night’s sleep!

Kefir is also rich in a few B vitamins which are needed for so many functions of our bodies, such as skin, nervous system and digestive system.

How to make Kefir:

  • All you need is milk kefir grains, Ebay is a great place or look on-line.
  • Then you add the grains to a glass jar.
  • Pour the Organic raw milk on top 2/3 rds of the way and then close jar
  • leave on the kitchen counter for 24 hrs!

So easy!

The grains will float to the top and the milk starts to separate a little and it will appear thicker like a cream as it ferments.

  • You then remove the grains (never using anything metal, as this kills the good probiotic/bacteria)
  • place the milk grains into some more fresh milk and repeat the process.
  • The kefir you have just made goes into the fridge which slows down the fermentation and it keeps it from becoming too sour.. (Although some people like it thicker, more fermented and leave it out for longer, just experiment and see what you like.)

Once you have your kefir you can add it to smoothies, drink it plain, as long as you don’t heat it! as this will kill  all the goodness.



Mango Kefir 

  • half a mango
  • glass of kefir

Blend and serve 🙂


Raspberry Kefir

  • 1 cup raspberries
  • 1 glass of kefir
  • 1 tsp of xylitol

Blend and Serve 🙂

So simple and Easy!

Raw Milk is not for everyone, you really have to see how your individual body responds to it. You can make dairy free kefir from Coconuts, Water Kefir, Coconut Milk, Almonds. So many possibilities.

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