Day 4 & 5 Juice Cleanse & Break Fast


Day 4 – I felt great, lots of energy , energised and clean from the inside out. I did a little meditation and Yoga, and Coffee Enema as my self love and cleansing protocol. The day was full of lots green juice.

Day 5 – I woke up with quite a lot of detox symptoms, feeling heavy, headache and overall achy feeling, I’ve had this before when doing cleanse’s so knew it would pass. I drunk lots of water, took a hot bath, did  a coffee enema and a water enema which took my headache away. The rest of the day I just rested and listened to my body. I started to feel hungry and my body was calling out for food towards the evening, even after juice, so I knew from previous cleanse’s and listening to my body that my body was done cleansing and was ready for food. I decided then I would  break my cleanse the next day , on day 6.

Day 6 – Woke up feel in much better than the day before, the detox symptoms had passed, I was still feeling hungry and certainly ready for some solid foods. Breaking a cleanse is as important as how you cleanse, and light, hydrating, easily digestible foods are best. I had absolutely delicious bowl of Organic Strawberries, Blueberries and some Raspberries. They tasted so sweet and amazing, I love how a juice cleanse really reprogram’s your taste buds and senses. I enjoyed a beautiful lightly steamed Courgette pasta dish. I will share the recipe below. I just had those 2 meals for the day as that’s what I felt my tummy could handle and wanted to ease it gently back to foods.

Feeling rebooted and a new-found love for salads and fresh foods! Although I always eat like that a Juice Cleanse really makes you appreciate fresh foods, they taste so much better after a cleanse and eating consciously becomes natural.


Courgette Pasta :

  • 1 courgette spiralled into noodles and lightly steamed
  • baby plum tomatoes chopped
  • garlic chopped
  • olives chopped
  • caper chopped
  • rocket leaves
  • olive oil -drizzle
  • 1/2 avocado cubed
  • salt & pepper
  • parsley
  • oregano chopped

Mix Everything in a bowl , except the avocado which goes on top.

Leave to marinade for 30 mins (If you can wait that long)

Then top with the Avocado and Eat!

Enjoy x

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