Springtime Cleanse

It’s that time again! Seasonal Cleanse time!

I love it ❤

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I love to cleanse at the change of each season, leaving me refreshed and renewed. This time I will be cleansing the heavier winter energy and foods into lighter, brighter spring energy. I love spring when all the flowers start to come out, the sun shines with bright blue skies, and i want my body to reflect that too.


My favourite way to cleanse is Juice cleansing, I will drink fresh juices, mainly green juices for anywhere between 3 and 10 days usually. I don’t set a goal end date, I like to just see how my body feel’s and go with that.

You can see my previous Juice cleanse’s here and here and here and here  ! ( I’ve done a lot more, but these are the one’s I blogged about)

I drink as much juice as my body wants, no restrictions, I usually don’t juice fruit, as I feel better with vegetable based juices using Lemon, Carrot and Beetroot as the natural sweetener. I’ve also been on a I Quit Sugar challenge for the last 2 weeks, so my taste buds are finding sweetness in everything now. I highly recommend Sarah Wilson’s Ebooks, I am a bit of an Ebook junkie, her’s are great, her recipe book is amazing too for any of you looking to cut out the white stuff!

Although I haven’t eaten processed sugar since… well i can’t even remember it’s been that long.. probably years.. I am just cutting down on fruit sugars, dried fruits and honey, this natural sweeteners, I have always felt better on a low GI, low sugar lifestyle and I come back to it always to feel more balanced and clear..

As you can see I have done lots of complete no sugar challenge’s here and here and here! ( I love myself a challenge )

So back to my Juice Cleanse, I always follow the same protocol when I juice cleanse as it helps me have a smooth ride down the detox river!

  • Colon cleansing – Coffee Enema’s
  • Zeolites
  • Sweat it out in a hot bath or Sauna
  • Light exercise, Yoga, rebounding, walking
  • Get daily sunlight & fresh air
  • Daily skin brush
  • Meditation
  • Sleep by 9:30 -10pm

I usually drink between 1.5 litres of juice to 3 litres depending on what my body asks for each day. I drink warm herbal teas to keep warm and add herbs like Turmeric, Ginger and Cayenne Pepper to my juices to stimulate circulation and detoxify the body further.

Results I get from my seasonal juice cleanse:

  • Glowing skin
  • More energy
  • Wake up earlier refreshed
  • More productivity
  • More Clarity
  • Time increases for what I need to do
  • Resets my bodies cravings for healthy foods, lighter foods
  • Brings my natural appetite into balance
  • Improves my relationship with food
  • Cuts cravings
  • Hydration levels are so high i don’t need moisturiser at all


I will be updating my blog with how my juice cleanse goes and share the recipes I use for a no sugar Juice cleanse 🙂



Love Sarah xx

Health Coach at Hooked on Health
Working with Women to reach their ideal weight, awaken their passion and spark for life.

  • Or if you are interested in getting started on your own Health Goals and Weight  loss journey with a one-on-one consultation contact me at juice rehab@hotmail.co.uk






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